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Staying on track with your workouts and keeping your nutrition in check 24/7 can be overwhelming. Especially when you add the chaos of life to the mix, progressing on your fitness journey can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. But it doesn’t have to be.

So, what’s the best plan of attack when you’re feeling overwhelmed? Simplify with key strategies to tackle each obstacle.

It’s time to confront excuses head-on and get back on the mat. Let’s dive in!

#1: Skipping workouts

In order to reach your fitness goals, consistency is key. While one missed workout won't hinder your progress, several missed workouts will.

Expert advice:

  • Reduce how many times per week you train or shorten the duration of your workouts until simply showing up is a habit again.
  • Shake things up and try a new workout to help boost your motivation.
  • Recruit a training buddy to keep you in check and reignite your passion for training.
  • Revisit your goal and see where you can make adjustments to get yourself back on track.

#2: No time

We get it—life can derail our workout plans in an instant. While some things are beyond our control, there are still ways to incorporate fitness into our daily grind and keep advancing toward our goals.

Expert advice:

  • Make it all about your Base. Take meetings outside, bike to work, jog your kids to daycare – whatever you can combine & conquer to help squeeze in movement and progress at the same time.
  • Treat your workout like a meeting – block space in your calendar, prepare, and go!
  • Be prepared: lay out your clothes the night before and have your workout gear packed so you’re ready to go.

#3: Not sleeping

We’ve already given you the lowdown on why sleep is important, but there’s more you can do to catch some Zzz’s and improve your performance.

Expert advice:

  • Create a calming bedtime routine to help you de-stress from the day.
  • Limit evening screen time – and yes, that includes scrolling!
  • Read a book to wind down.
  • Give meditation a go to relieve stress and ease into sleep.
  • Avoid late-night mealtimes and snacking right before bed.
  • Nix that late-afternoon caffeine fix.

#4: Not hydrated

The importance of hydration is often underestimated, yet it significantly affects our performance, focus, and overall health. If you want to train harder, become stronger, or simply feel better – it’s crucial that you stay hydrated!

Expert advice:

#5: Bad form

Just like consistency, proper form plays a key role in reaching your fitness goal. That said,

don't let uncertainty about how to perform a specific exercise stop you from giving it a shot! Use these tips to perfect your technique and reap the rewards.

Expert advice:

  • Record yourself executing the exercise from various angles, then compare it with the instructional videos available in the Freeletics app.
  • Scale back to a simpler variation of the exercise or use less weight, decrease your speed, or shorten your running distance.
  • Perform the exercise in front of a mirror, deliberately slowing down to concentrate on each precise movement.

#6: Eating unhealthily

Even if you're nailing your workouts consistently, a subpar diet can undo all that hard work (and sweat!). It’s not all broccoli and chicken – the key to eating better is to have a plan in place.

Expert advice:

  • Fight temptation head-on by keeping sweet treats and salty vices out of your home.
  • Have quick, easy & healthy snacks readily available so you can just grab and snack (apples, bananas, pre-cut veggies with hummus).
  • Stick to the 80/20 rule - slip-ups happen, but don't let them become a habit.
  • Practice mindful eating by paying attention to your hunger cues during every bite.

#7: Low energy

When everything else seems on point, sometimes it's your energy levels that take a nosedive. And that's okay—it's completely normal. But an energy lull shouldn’t become the norm, and there are ways to revitalize yourself and get back in the game, feeling your absolute best.

Expert advice:

  • Schedule and honor your rest days for optimal recovery.
  • Is your sleep and hydration in check? Check out our key tips above.
  • You are what you eat? Ok not really, but a balanced diet can make a world of difference in how you feel.

Let’s recap

There are a million and one factors that can throw a wrench into your fitness journey—some under our control, others not so much. While even the best intentions can go off track, there are still key tactics you can use to guide you back on course. Flexibility and preparedness are key, but above all, consistency is king. It’s all about showing up for yourself time and again.

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