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How to do your Base


Just as you brush your teeth, have your morning coffee, or check your emails, exercise too should be an integral part of your day, every day for life. Wondering what we mean with ‘Base’? Your Base is the 17-minute minimum of daily movement you need to establish a habit that helps build lifelong fitness. The experts tell us that the health and longevity benefits are many. And how you do it is entirely up to you. Whether it’s your Coach session, swimming, or a game of soccer with friends in the park, as long as it’s intentional and lasts at least 17 minutes, you are hitting your Base.

The beauty of the Base philosophy lies in its simplicity. It's about integrating purposeful movement into your day-to-day life. While gym sessions or dedicated workout times have their undeniable value, there's an understated power in those consistent, smaller activities. It's about moving away from the "all or nothing" mentality and embracing the notion that every step counts, every stretch matters, and every movement can be an exercise in itself. By making such activities your daily Base, you cultivate a sustainable habit that will have an immense impact on you in the long run.

Build your Base

Habits are formed out of repetition. That means consistently showing up day in and day out, no matter what. Your Base is no different, but what’s truly unique with this philosophy is that there’s endless ways to complete your 17 minutes. The key here is to stick with it.

And that’s why we’ve introduced our Base streak to help you maintain your fitness habit and celebrate your achievements. To track your Base activities, first make sure your Health app is synced to the Freeletics app by moving the toggle in the settings tab. The Freeletics app must be opened every day for synced activities to appear. If you don’t have an app for your chosen activity, no worries – you can also add it directly to your Apple Health or Android Health Sync apps.

Once you have the tech stuff down, it’s time to move! From dancing in your living room to paddleboarding on a calm lake, make sure to log it as you go. After you’ve fulfilled the 17 Base minutes, the progress bar in the Coach tab will move and be marked as complete. Aim for 5 days, 10, then 30, and watch your Base streak grow. Don’t forget to celebrate those Base milestones along the way!

Looking for some more Base activity inspiration? Here are some of the simplest ones that almost anyone can do:

The art of walking

Think of walking as your daily dose of movement. Every step you take is an opportunity to clear your mind, strengthen your legs, and embrace the world around you. A simple walk around your block, to your local store, or through the park can be so much more than just transportation. It becomes a meditation in motion, a moment to appreciate and connect with your body. Even on the busiest days, a 17-minute brisk walk can be your Base, ensuring that being active remains a non-negotiable part of your routine. 

Cycling to work: Turning commute into fitness

Why drive when you can cycle? Trading your car or the bus for a bicycle has a number of benefits. Not only does it benefit the environment and save you money, but it also sets a lively pace for your day. Imagine kick-starting your mornings with a refreshing ride that gets your legs and senses moving. Whether it's a short ride or a long commute, cycling becomes more than just a means of transport; it's your Base, a cardio routine that gets your heart pumping and muscles working without you even noticing.

Yoga: The path to flexibility and peace

Beyond just poses and flexibility, yoga is a journey in self-awareness. Through each stretch, hold, and release, you are given a chance to listen in and get a feel for your body. Whether you're practicing a sun salutation to welcome the day or a restorative evening sequence to wind down, yoga provides both physical and mental balance. Embrace it as your Base for a centered and harmonious approach to each day – all it takes are 17 minutes.

Basketball: A game with benefits

Basketball isn't just a game; it's an energetic blend of cardio, coordination, and camaraderie. A session in the park can be the perfect way to break a sweat, hone your skills, and socialize all at once. The fast-paced nature of the game ensures that you're always on the move, making it an excellent full-body workout. So, next time you're looking to mix fun with fitness, grab a basketball and some friends and make the park your playground and your Base.

Let's recap:

By consistently fulfilling your Base, you're making an investment that's bound to bring exponential returns in your well-being and quality of life. With Freeletics, the pathway to a healthier tomorrow starts with today's commitment to your Base.

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