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One of the fastest-growing sports and lifestyle companies in the world

In 2013, Freeletics began disrupting the fitness industry, a multi-billion dollar industry previously dominated by stationary gyms and exclusive personal trainers. Today, after growing globally for over five years as a bootstrapped company, Freeletics is the creator of one of the world’s most advanced, effective and popular fitness apps. Now with over 39 million users, 150 employees and a clothing line, Freeletics has become one of the fastest-growing sports and lifestyle companies in the world.

Freeletics was founded with the vision to challenge and inspire everyone to become the greatest version of themselves, both mentally and physically. Today, it is the leading digital solution for a long-term athletic lifestyle, guiding millions of users along a holistic path of health and fitness. We strongly believe that everyone has the potential to shape their life, reach their goals and become the best they can be – and we will help them on that journey.

The Freeletics app offers hyper-personalized, AI-powered digital fitness coaching free of barriers and excuses. It helps people to get into the shape of their life by putting a digital personal trainer in their pocket, providing them with the perfect workout plan, week by week, tailored to them. Nutrition coaching, community support and a stream of motivational and educational content round out the holistic, long-term health and wellness journey users take with Freeletics.

Freeletics is more than an app; it is a lifestyle powered by one of the most passionate and dedicated communities in the world.

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