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How exercising affects your skin: Training makes you beautiful


Freeletics makes you beautiful! No, this time we are not talking about the shape of your body. You already know that regular exercising makes you fitter and lets you appear more athletic. But Freeletics also gives you a more beautiful and cleaner skin!

Promotion of blood circulation and cell regeneration

The skin is our largest organ and reflects our inner state. We have already explained how Freeletics enhances your sleep and can improve your mood through the production of happiness hormones. And these effects show in your skin.

But there are other factors as well:

Skin cells renew every four weeks on average. On the one hand, intense training boosts the production of growth hormones and on the other hand it encourages blood flow and thus supports the supply of your skin with oxygen and nutrients. As a result, skin cells replace themselves more frequently which makes you look younger!

This effect is even further enhanced when you train outdoors. Fresh air intensifies the blood flow even more so and provides your skin with fresh oxygen from the outside and the inside. The impact of this is instantly visible: A fresh and rosy complexion.

Doing Freeletics outdoors is beneficial even beyond your actual exercise time as your heart and lungs learn to work more effectively. More oxygen equals more red blood cells: your skin permanently appears fresh, rosy and healthy!

Tightening of the connective tissue

Intense exercising also has a skin tightening effect: Not only does it work your muscles, but your connective tissue gets “trained”, too. In addition, more collagen is carried into your skin cells. Collagen accounts for the largest part of proteins found in the human body and it is responsible for the strength of the connective tissue.

A combination of strength and endurance training such as Freeletics is an ideal way to firm your connective tissue. This is of special interest for women and for athletes who want to lose a lot of weight. So don’t worry about loose hanging skin or cellulite. Your skin automatically tightens with the help of training. Furthermore, Freeletics lets your muscles become more visible by stretching the overlying skin – all over your body!

Help against impurities

Freeletics has a positive effect not only on connective tissue and complexion. Intense training can even help against skin impurities.

Among other things, exercising reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol which is associated with skin blemishes. Sweat naturally transports excess sebum and dirt from your pores outwards. Accordingly, women should always train without make-up to avoid clogged pores during exercise. This also applies even if you do not actually suffer from severe blemishes.

As long as you protect yourself against excessive sunlight while exercising at spring and summer, e.g. with sufficient sunscreen and appropriate clothing, there is nothing to keep your skin from becoming more beautiful than ever.