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5 Training Hacks for a Healthy Life


What’s the key to training gains? Consistency. No matter your fitness level, working out on a steady, regular basis will enable you to achieve your fitness goal. It’s not about training harder, it’s about training smarter. We rounded up our favorite training hacks that will help you make the most out of your workouts - and keep up an exercise routine no matter what.

Training Tips

1. Don't be afraid to start

Everyone starts at a different place and progresses at a different pace. Find your starting point and don't be afraid to work your way up slowly. In the end, your body responds best to consistent training.

Afraid to Start

2. Break it down

Don‘t have time to do a full workout? Try breaking up a workout into smaller parts. Squeeze in a few squats or lunges when you‘re brushing your teeth or boiling water. Even if it is just a few minutes per day, you‘ll be surprised at your gains over time. #NoExcuses

Short Workout

3. Get creative

So, you don’t have equipment but want to add some resistance to your workout? Look around the house to find everyday items you can integrate. Get 2 chairs or use your couch to perform some dips. Use laundry detergent or heavy books for weights, or stairs for an elevated platform.


4. Never skip warmups and cooldowns

It’s easy to overlook the warmup and head straight into the workout, or skip the cooldown at the end in favor of hitting the shower. But these exercises are essential. Warming up helps prevent injuries while cooling down increases flexibility and aids in muscle recovery.

5. Challenge yourself sometimes

Why not test your limits once in a while? Try adding extra weight to your workout by filling a backpack with everyday items like books, water bottles or magazines. Or have a go at a challenging bodyweight exercise 5 exercises to level up your home workouts to level up your workout.