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How to work with your Freeletics Coach to stay consistent

Your Coach is smart - smart enough to know how to progressively challenge you but also smart enough to be flexible. When you need to switch it up, the Coach can take care of that for you thanks to the “Adapt session” feature in the App. It’s all designed to keep you moving and consistent on your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to see all the ways you can communicate with your Coach to ensure you get the training session you need!

Switch it up short-term

Woke up too late and need a shorter session? Working out away from your usual space and need to exclude equipment? Not up for a run? Here are all of the ways you can adapt your session for the day.

1. I need to train quietly

When you don’t want to bother the neighbors downstairs or can’t wake a sleeping loved-one in a nearby room, you can let the Coach know you need to train quietly.

  • The Coach removes noisy exercises from your entire session – including Dynamic Warmups and Active Cooldowns.

2. I don’t have equipment

Traveling, heading to the park, or just don’t have access to your usual equipment?

  • Select this option to remove all equipment from your training session.
  • On a Barbell Training Journey? This option will generate a bodyweight session instead.

3. I want to exclude certain body areas

Maybe you’re sore, or you’re just not feeling like it’s a good day for Squats.

  • Select up to two body areas to exclude. Your choices include biceps, back, triceps, chest, core, lower leg, and upper leg.

  • Your new workout will not be focused on these areas, but please note: You may still receive exercises that could engage these muscles or areas. These exercises will appear in much lower volumes.
  • On a Barbell Training Journey? Selecting this option will generate a bodyweight session instead.
  • On a Running Training Journey? If you select “Lower leg” or “Upper leg,” you will receive a bodyweight session as opposed to a run.

4. I don’t have space

Remove exercises that require traveling over distances or otherwise take up a lot of space.

  • Removes distance-related exercises such as the 20-meter Lunge Walk or Burpee Frogs.
  • Sprints and runs are not affected here but can be disabled with “I can’t do a run.”
  • Please note, this option is not available for Barbell or Hardcore Training Journeys.

5. I can’t do a run

Whatever your reason may be, the Coach can work with that.

  • A new session, excluding a run, is assigned.

6. I don’t have much time

You’ve only got 15 minutes to dedicate to the mat? No problem.

  • Indicate the maximum time you have available for training, and the Coach will reduce your session accordingly.
  • Choose from 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  • For Running, Barbell, and Hardcore Training Journeys, only the 15-minute option is available. Additionally, for a Barbell Training Journey, selecting this generates a bodyweight session instead.

7. I want to change the difficulty

Just not feeling it today? Keep your commitment to training while giving your body some easier resistance. Bursting with energy and ready for more? The Coach can generate a more challenging session.

  • Select from four options: way easier, easier, harder, or way harder.
  • Please note, this option is not available for Barbell or Hardcore Training Journeys.

8. I want a different session

If all of the other options just don’t cut it – simply ask the Coach to give you a different session.

  • This maintains the intensity level and focus of your training day while substituting new exercises. If the Coach planned a Conditioning day focusing on legs and core, you’ll get a new Conditioning session focused on legs and core with a new combination of exercises.

Long-term Adjustments

Do you have specific needs which your Coach should take into account beyond a single training day? Need to exclude specific exercises in the long term? You can adjust these settings throughout your Training Journey. Here’s how!

Navigate to your Coach tab. In the upper right-hand corner, select the settings cog.

Here, you can do the following:

  • Update your preferred training days.
  • Update your equipment settings. Let the Coach know if you have new equipment available or no longer have access to equipment.
  • Exclude exercises from your Coach assigned workouts.
  • Toggle the option to exclude sprints and runs throughout your journey.
  • Toggle the option to show you’ll always have limited training space.
  • Toggle the option to show you’ll always need to train quietly.

These options have the same effect as adapting your session on the day but maintain the settings throughout your Training Journey.

More on excluding exercises

Struggling with exercises is normal and can happen due to a myriad of factors. Maybe you have a specific need, limitation, or even a long-term injury. We’ve all been there, and now your Coach can work with you to improve your training experience and support you on your path to reaching your goals.

Exclude specific exercises from ever being assigned by the Coach. Simply select the exercises you shouldn’t or are unable to perform.

Some important things to note:

  • You can select up to 10 exercises to exclude.
  • For the optimum experience (and to reach your goals), you should exclude as few exercises as possible.
  • Exclude only those exercises that your Coach has already assigned to you repeatedly.
  • You may need to update your App to see this option. Make sure you’re on the latest version!

Now you know that you can give the Coach more information to get a session even more personalized to you and your needs.

If you need to modify only today’s training session, utilize the “Adapt session” feature in your Coach tab.

If you need to exclude exercises or other options more long-term, you can make those adjustments in the Coach tab settings.

Just remember, achieving your goals is possible when you show up consistently. Keep going, keep moving – no matter how that might look for you.

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