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How the Freeletics Coach gets you


Ever wondered what makes your Freeletics training so spot-on? No, it’s not magic, but it comes pretty darn close. Leveraging the power of AI and personalization, the Coach meticulously crafts a fitness journey that blows any generic workout plan out of the water.

Unlike a traditional personal trainer, our digital Coach understands you in ways you might not even realize. Let's dive into the features that empower the Coach to tailor your workouts with precision, ensuring your fitness journey is uniquely your own.

The Coach

First things first – let’s get into how the Coach works. If you’ve trained with the Coach before, you know that the Coach not only knows your current fitness level but also predicts your potential. Yep, the Coach is that good.

But how does the Coach do it? Utilizing the power of human-augmented AI, insights from millions of users, and expertise from sports scientists, the Coach crafts workouts that are completely in tune with your needs.

Better yet, the Coach adapts your training as you go, offering personalized sessions with an impressive 90% accuracy from week one. And, most importantly, when life throws a curveball, the "Adapt Session" feature is there to recalibrate your workout, so you have the flexibility to get your workout done on your terms.

Training Journey Recommendations

Right from the jump, the Coach lends that listening ear to customize a plan that works for you. Everything you share – your goals, preferences, and current fitness status – contributes to the recommended training journey that aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

From basic information like gender and age to specific details about your fitness goals, preferred training methods, and even your motivational drivers, help shape the fitness journey that is uniquely yours.

This in-depth process ensures that you get so much more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. With the Coach, it’s all about you.

Coach Day

This is where the true magic of the Coach comes to life. Every Coach Day consists of several components, each serving a specific function to bring you closer to your goal.

On Conditioning days, expect intense intervals with high repetitions to build your endurance. Strength days challenge you with exercises requiring low repetitions but high precision, aiming to develop muscle power. Endurance days often include runs and push your stamina to new heights. Beat your PB days are all about challenges and setting new personal records, while Technique days focus on refining your movement quality for optimal performance.

Beyond these thematic focuses, each Coach Day includes additional key components that contribute to a well-rounded workout. First, a dynamic warmup to help prime and prepare your body for the day’s challenge. A warmup also helps reduce the risk of injury, so don’t skip it!

Skill Progression is another aspect of a Coach Day that allows you to refine techniques, progressing at a pace all your own. God Workouts push your boundaries with a series of set exercises designed for speed and efficiency. Intervals are woven into the mix, focusing on endurance, conditioning, or strength specific to your goals. Runs vary in length, aiming to improve your cardiovascular endurance and complement your strength training.

Each workout concludes with an active cooldown, using static stretching to facilitate recovery and maintain muscle health. A cooldown is the ultimate way to end your Coach Day and set yourself up for future success.

Coach Day Feedback

Feedback is king when it comes to your Coach. To unlock the power of personalization, your input is crucial. Help the Coach fine-tune your future training sessions by rating the intensity of each workout.

This feedback mechanism goes beyond mere numbers, drawing inspiration from the Ratings of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scales used in professional sports. It captures your personal experience of each workout as well as your own perception of your technique.

This ongoing dialogue between you and the Coach ensures that your training plan is not just based on algorithms, but also attuned to your daily physical state.


Daily Athlete Score (DAS)

DAS is like a multi-dimensional fitness mirror, reflecting your performance, consistency, and overall fitness level. It scrutinizes over 100 data points from your past 90 days, offering a comprehensive view of your fitness journey. By regularly checking your DAS and the score breakdown in your profile, you can understand where you are performing well and what areas have room for improvement. This not only encourages you by showcasing your progress but also guides the Coach in fine-tuning your training plan, ensuring each session is challenging yet achievable.

Adapt session

Adapt session is all about flexibility. It’s your go-to solution when life happens and your training plans fall to the wayside. Whether it's an unexpected business trip, a closed gym, or simply a day when time is scarce, this feature allows you to modify your workout to make it work for you.

By choosing your specific limitation, the Coach offers an alternative, ensuring that you can get your training in on your terms. Train how you want, where you want, and when you want – this kind of adaptability is pivotal when it comes to building habits and crushing your goals.

Skill Progressions

When it comes to your fitness journey, Skill Progressions are the ultimate secret weapon. Designed to help you level up and tackle new exercises that seem just out of reach, Skill Progressions will keep you on your toes and looking toward the next challenge.

Simply select which skill you would like to improve on, and the Coach will create a gradual and safe progression to master the complex exercise. As you progress, you’ll advance in skill and also earn badges that celebrate each milestone achieved. It’s all about taking what felt impossible, making it possible, and progressing towards a stronger, better version of yourself.

It’s time to train with a Coach that gets you. Trust us, make the leap and you’ll never look back.

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