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Freeletics Badges: Show off the Freeletics milestones you achieve, with style


Motivation and consistency play an important role in how and when we reach our fitness goals. On some days it’s easy to get into our training session without any struggle or too much thinking.

On other days, it is difficult to overcome the thought of those burpees or our lack of enthusiasm towards exercising due to a myriad of reasons. This is completely normal. On the more common days of lower motivation, we need encouragement which takes us a step further down the journey.

Freeletics badges

Track your big moments and feel accomplished while maintaining training consistency to reach the best version of yourself.

Whether it is your first session or your first Hell Week completed and more, we've created an achievements system that recognises every effort you make towards reaching your goals no matter how little or big. 

Read on for a few exciting ways you can earn badges!

Just some of the awesome badges waiting for you...

God badges

You can earn a different badge each time you try out different Freeletics signature workouts. Even when you try the 2x or 3x versions, you can still earn different badges for completing them.

Training session count badges

We know it is not the easiest thing to do, so you also get a badge for just showing up and completing as many training sessions as you can with our Training session count badge.

Perfect Week and Perfect Week streak badges

For maintaining a routine you earn a special Perfect week badge for completing all your scheduled training sessions in a week. And when you go even further by completing perfect weeks consecutively, you earn Perfect Week Streak badges.

Hell Week badge

And for bigger moments like completing a Hell Week, mark this milestone with the Hell Week badge.

And while you are at it, don’t forget to brag a little and share your achievements with your community to Inspire others from time to time.

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