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Think that no time, no space or no equipment = no training? Think again! Adapt Today is the new feature in the Freeletics app that will level up your #NoExcuses game.

Picture the scene. Your Coach has set your workouts for the week, you’re all ready to go and think there’s nothing stopping you from training. Then, disaster strikes; you’re pulled into a meeting that drags on long into the evening, your gym is closed for refurbishments or your running shoes are leaking. You think you can’t do you Coach day after all and that training will have to wait for another day. Well that’s where you’re wrong, and here’s why:

In short

Adapt Today is here to help you make #NoExcuses a reality. You can now choose from a selection of limitations to tell your Coach exactly what is stopping you from doing your session and your Coach will automatically generate a new day for you based on all of the training you’ve done to date.

How does it work?

It’s never been easier to have #NoExcuses. Simply click the blue icon at the bottom of your Coach day and you’ll receive the following list of options:

I don’t have equipment

Generate a new workout that’s equipment-free. That means no Pullup bar, no weights and no bench.

I don’t have space

Stuck in a small hotel room or can’t train outside? With this option, generate a new workout that requires only 2x2m of space.

I only have 15 minutes

For when you’re tight for time, but still want to lead that #NoExcuses life. Get a workout that takes no more than 15 minutes and still keeps you on track to your goals.

I cannot run

Coach given you a run, but not got your sneakers at hand? Generate a new workout that’s run-free.

I need to train quietly

Generate a low impact but still high-intensity workout for when you want to keep relations positive with your downstairs neighbors. No Jumps in sight.

I want a different session

Don’t like the look of your Coach day? It happens to the best of us. Now, you can switch things up a bit. Each day, your Coach will allow you to generate a different workout. Each workout will focus on the same training goal for that day, but the exercises will vary. The choice is yours.

I’m too sore

Tired legs from training or other activities? Tempted to skip training? Well, we’ve got one more excuse-buster for you. Hit this button to exclude exercises that target the muscles that hurt and stay on track to your goals.

Adapt Today is only available in Today View, not in the old Coach Week format.

Check the obstacles that apply to you, click “Adapt session” and your Coach will generate an entirely new Coach day based on your responses.

Adapt Today works in real time, which means that you have to be connected to the internet for it to function. It takes all of the training that you’ve done (including your Coach week so far) and generates an alternative Coach day, free from excuses and limitations.

Will this affect my entire training week?

No. Adapt Today can only be used on a day by day basis. You can currently update your equipment, space and running preferences at the start of each Coach week.

You say, “I have no time, space or equipment”, we say “NO EXCUSES!”. Whatever your limitation might be, just hit Adapt Today and your Coach will generate a whole new workout day. Training any time, anywhere has never been easier.

Start your #NoExcuses journey today