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7 reasons why women should exercise with Freeletics

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When it comes to fitness and gender roles, we are accustomed to the image of women training gently and men training hard. For example women are depicted while jogging with a happy facial expression, whereas men doing heavy weight lifting are portrayed as bathed in sweat, their mouths painfully contorted. These representations show us that – when it comes to keeping fit and getting your body in shape – there are different exercise types, some more suitable for women and others for men.

In practice, differences in how men and women exercise arise often, but these are attributed to the different targets each person sets for himself or herself. Physiologically, metabolically, or from any other biological perspective, there is no reason why women should train differently. The way you work out always depends on your individual objective, and not your gender.

That is why more and more women engage in particularly high intensity training such as Freeletics. High intensity means that for a short time you push yourself to your breaking point and thereby reach a very high training stimulus. In the following paragraphs, we want to introduce you to a few effects Freeletics training has on the female body:

Freeletics is a highly effective remedy for reducing body fat

The goal of many Free Athletes is the reduction of their body fat percentage. High intensity workouts in combination with endurance sessions have proven to be particularly effective as they stimulate the metabolism and trigger a high afterburn effect, while endurance sessions – in particular runs – train the body to consume fat.

Freeletics tightens muscles

From exercise, many women want one thing more than anything: tight muscles. Indeed, from a training-physiological perspective, muscles cannot be “tightened”. What is meant is the purely visual impression of slightly protruding muscles under the skin. This effect is a result of a reduction of body fat, increased muscle strengths through intramuscular growth, and increased glycogen and water storage. In effect, this means that more muscle tissue is formed and energy reserves of the musculature are increased, but without the female muscle significantly increasing in volume. The female musculature is, however, capable of hypertrophy, but – because of lower testosterone levels – not to the extent and speed of the male musculature. Also, Freeletics evenly covers all major muscles, resulting in a “streamlined” overall body image.

Freeletics trains movements

Freeletics is a so-called functional workout. This means that you do not exercise individual muscles or muscle groups, but that many of the large muscle groups are trained simultaneously using whole motion sequences. You will therefore gain a better sense of your body, a more upright posture, and increased confidence in your movements. Not only is this reflected in more self-assertive charisma, but also in everyday actions.

Freeletics trains the mind

During a high-intensity workout or run, our body releases endorphins (happiness hormones) and to some extent reduces the activity in some regions of the brain, which for the brain feels like a new start. This is perfect for unwinding and leaving everyday problems behind! In the short and long term, this will lead to a more balanced self and better mood. It will also train your ability to refocus on yourself – an effect similar to doing meditation!

Strong muscles - strong back

Many women struggle with rather weak trunk and back muscles, which may result in back pain. Freeletics exercises such as Push-upsBurpees and also Sit-ups, strengthen the back and the core of your body, which plays a special role as the center of the musculature.

Freeletics protects from weakness in old age

Because of the estrogen drop during menopause, women are at higher risk of developing osteoporosis since estrogens are directly correlated with bone density and bone growth. A strong musculature supporting the skeleton is the best way to protect your bones from weakness or even fractures in old age. Those who work on strong muscles now and continually exercise them, create the best conditions for later!

Freeletics tightens connective tissue

Because of lower levels of testosterone, most women have weaker connective tissue than men. This manifests itself in so-called cellulite. However, this is not a health concern, but cellulite makes many women feel uncomfortable. Exercise has proven to contribute to the strengthening of connective tissue and firmer skin. There are several reasons for this: With movement, the skin is exercised as well, and, as a result, it experiences better blood circulation; testosterone is secreted – especially with intensive muscular loading – and collagen is transported to the skin cells. The reduction of body fat will result in smoother skin, as the cellulite bumpy complexion will be minimized.

However, actual differences between men and women occur when it comes to nutrition – even with the same objective. These differences are due to hormonal conditions, as male and female metabolic processes differ greatly. You will soon learn more about these differences, what basics you should be aware of, and what the consequences will be.