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Hybrid Running: Bodyweight meets running


This is big. Running and bodyweight, a match made in heaven, united in one Training Journey. Hybrid Running is the first Running Training Journey from Freeletics to include bodyweight training days. And boy is it a game changer.

In short

This is more than your typical running app workout. Hybrid Running is a one-of-a-kind 12-week Training Journey focused on running, but featuring bodyweight training days for the very first time. No more deciding between bodyweight and running; now, you really can have your cake and eat it (low sugar, low fat cake, that is).

What’s the big deal?

Whether you want to lose weight, get started with running or simply become a better runner, this Journey is for you. A calorie-burning, heart-pumping odyssey, Hybrid Running caters to all levels. The most powerful AI digital personal trainer out there will take into account your current level of fitness and design a program personalized to you, featuring a fusion of interval and endurance runs as well as bodyweight training days.

On your running days, you could be faced with fast intervals or endurance runs from 5 to 10k. And on your bodyweight days, it’s the classic Freeletics formula; Gods, Intervals and Drills, all designed to work alongside your running days.

It’s long been proven that mixing bodyweight training and running is a winning combination for weight loss. Keeping your training program varied means that more calories are burnt, more muscle groups are used and recovery is a lot less painful.

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What does it look like?

No matter how many Coach days are in your training week, you’ll never have running and bodyweight on the same day. Your Coach knows how to ensure you get the most from your training, so it will switch up your running and bodyweight days to deliver the variety you need. Running one day, bodyweight the next. It’s the ultimate recipe for overall athleticism.

Your Warmups and Cooldowns will also be tailored to your Coach day, so expect a different warmup for bodyweight, interval or endurance running sessions. Add to this God workouts that are specifically selected to complement your running days, and you’ve got a training program like no other.

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Why should I choose this Journey?

This is your chance to take your training to the next level. No more switching between training plans or running aimlessly. Now you can swap tracking for training and reach your goals your way. Running doesn’t have to be boring, monotonous and generic. If you want to become your greatest version, you need to shake things up and set yourself on a path tailor-made for you. This isn’t running as you know it. This is running the Freeletics way.