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6 rules to survive the season of eating

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Worried about the holiday season? You’ve saved yourself all year round. Looking forward to the endless feasts in front of you. But now that it’s here, you don’t want to set yourself too far back. You fear going so far overboard that by the end of it, it’s you left feeling like the stuffed turkey. Making it even harder to get back on track come January.

Ok so we don’t want to mess with tradition, but it doesn’t have to be like this. There are certain damage control measures. Or at least ways to pace yourself and make sure you’ve still got room for dessert. Follow these simple 6 rules to enjoy the season of eating without totally overeating.

Rule #1: Don’t save yourself

We’re all guilty of doing it. Saving ourselves for the “main event”. Some of us skip breakfast. Others make space months in advance. Take it from us, there’s no need. Starting any holiday feast with an empty stomach puts you at risk of overeating. When in fact, you want to be left with a feeling of satisfaction. So if it’s thanksgiving lunch you’re having, start with a light yet filling breakfast. If it’s Christmas dinner, ensure you snack half-way through the day.

Rule #2: Do exercise before anything else

Before your guests arrive, before you switch on the oven and all hell breaks loose, treat your body to a workout. Get your metabolism working. Prepare yourself for what’s about to happen. Work up an appetite for breakfast and feel good that you’ve done something. Take our word for it, you will enjoy your meal so much more after battling it out with Aphrodite all morning. Every bite will feel earned and deserved.


Rule #3: Don’t fall for the charm of the couch

The couch will look tempting. The perfect spot to rest in-between courses. But do not fall for this. The trick to a successful meal is to keep your metabolism working. Take a breather and go for a walk while you wait for the next round to be served.

Rule #4: Do eat strategically

We don’t want you to think too much about what you’re eating. It is the holidays afterall. With that being said it’s best to choose greens and vegetables over complex carbs. For the main reason that you won’t be too stuffed to fit in that piece of pie you’ve been staring at all day.

Rule #5: Do at least try to make dessert clean

Stick to the above tips and by the time dessert comes around, you’ll have plenty of space left. But let’s not let all self-control go out the window. There are a few small changes that can make a big difference. For example adding cinnamon to desserts instead of sugar. Choosing pumpkin pie instead of chocolate. These will make dessert just as good but with a lot less damage.


Rule #6: Do pace yourself

Christmas, Christmas eve, boxing day, your staff night out, New Year, the list goes on. So pace yourself. Detox for a few days after each if you can. Keep up the training and don’t put your body into shock by overdoing it on the first meal.

This is the season to celebrate. To be thankful for what you have. And reward yourself for everything you’ve achieved. But remember, you still have a goal. Your journey will continue. And you have to decide where you carry on. Pace yourself. Reward your body with consideration. The holidays can be a pause. But don’t let them become a rewind.

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