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The most effective Freeletics exercises


You go to the gym or go jogging five times a week, but still don’t see any results? You want to finally get in the best shape of your life, but you simply don’t know how? Then Freeletics is just what you need. Find out more about our exercises and how they help you reach your fitness goals.

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No machines, no weights: The Freeletics Bodyweight exercises

With Freeletics Bodyweight, you only need your own body weight to train. No machines or weights required. This means you can be flexible with your training – work out in the park, at home or at a hotel while on a trip. An average training day with Freeletics only takes about 30 minutes and includes different workouts and exercises. Wondering how can this possibly translate into results? It’s simple: Freeletics combines the High Intensity Training (HIT) and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) methods. Your weekly training plan consists of training days with different intensities and different volumes. This means you only need 30 minutes per day. These 30 minutes will often be very strenuous – but even more worth it. #NoPainNoGain

The Freeletics exercises

There is a difference between Freeletics workouts and Freeletics exercises. While a certain number of repetitions of a single exercise are required during exercises, workouts combine different exercises and address various muscle groups. Furthermore, the Freeletics Coach also integrates so-called “Technique Sessions” into your training plan where you intensively practice a certain exercise or where you are slowly introduced to new, more advanced ones. This means everyone from beginners to advanced athletes can train with Freeletics.

Which Freeletics exercises are the most effective?

Now let’s get to the most important question: Which Freeletics exercises can help you lose weight or gain muscle the fastest? In principle, the fastest way to your goal is always a well-rounded training routine where all muscle groups are addressed. Did you know, for example, that squats are one of the best exercises for your abdominal muscles? Or that burpees train almost the entire body? We developed the Freeletics Coach so that instead of worrying about all this, you can just open your Freeletics App and press “Start”. Based on your personal goals, your fitness level and the experiences of millions of other successful Free Athletes, your Coach will create a personal training plan for you. We guarantee, it’s the most efficient way to reach your goals.

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A sneak peek behind the scenes: Our Free Athletes’ favourite exercises

As Free Athletes, we leave our comfort zones behind. We know that often, the exercises we hate the most are the ones that bring us closest to our goals. Discover the Freeletics Community’s favourite ones below:

Burpees – the classic Freeletics exercise

Burpees are the both the best-loved and most-hated Freeletics exercise. But above all, the most effective. Discover how to do a burpee here:

Freeletics exercise burpee

Find out more about burpees.

Sit-ups for burning abdominal muscles

Anyone who’s into fitness knows sit-ups. They are definitely one of the most popular abdominal muscle exercises for our athletes. And this is how you do them:

Freeletics exercise sit-ups

Find out more about sit-ups.

Climbers – the calorie burner

Climbers are an important component of your Freeletics Training and can be found in many workouts including Persephone or Thanatos. The correct form is important, find out how to do it here:

Freeletics exercise climbers

Find out more about climbers.

Now that you know everything you need to about the Freeletics exercises, it’s time for you to get started. Register with Freeletics now, free of charge and test a number of our exercises and workouts in the app. Do you want a weekly training plan that combines all Freeletics exercises for you personally? Then get the Coach. Our tip: Don’t wait until tomorrow. Because usually tomorrow turns into never.

Discover more Freeletics exercises here

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