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Freeletics Exercises: Leg Levers


What are Leg Levers?

Leg Levers might also be known as ‘leg lifters’. The name is deceptive though: Leg Levers are actually an exercise for the abs – and a very effective one at that! In the starting position, while lying on your back, lift your stretched legs until they are in a vertical position. Then, under tension, lower your legs again onto the ground. Your arms are lying parallel to your body, palms down, while the entire back is in constant contact with the ground.

What muscles are being used during Leg Levers?

Primarily the straight and deep lying abdominal muscles are exercised. But the use of the quadriceps and the hip flexor, a small muscle connecting the back and legs, is also critical. In other exercises, multiple muscles share the work. Here, however, the main force originates from one source – namely the abdomen. This is the reason why Leg Levers are so tiring and pose a particular challenge to beginners. Since considerable force must be applied, Leg Levers are a real miracle weapon and count among the most effective exercises to achieve a sixpack or flat tummy!

Leg Levers equals tummy tension at its best!

Much tension is needed to get your legs into a vertical position. It is equally important, however, to keep the tension while lowering your legs and not let them drop down. Thus, pay equal attention and engage fully during the entire movement. Also, it is important to avoid a hollow back or a rounded back. Focus on pressing your back into the floor and keeping it straight at all times. Your tummy will burn, but you will get one step closer to achieving your objective. Only when you perform this exercise in a calm and controlled way will the exercise show its full effect.

Why are Leg Levers so difficult?

In Freeletics, Leg Levers belong to the set of exercises which take the longest to achieve a Star. The difficulty lies in moving the fully stretched legs upwards. Unlike exercises where you lift your torso like Sit-ups, leg lifting exercises are rare in everyday life. In the beginning, try an easier version and practice Leg Levers with bent legs, which should make it possible, but should not discourage you. The training stimulus on the abdominal muscles is still very effective.

Leg Levers require good stretching!

Some people might have the necessary strength in the abdomen, but cannot fully straighten their legs. This is a sign that theylack sufficient stretching capability in the buttocks and rear thigh muscles. In this context, you will often hear the term “shortened muscles.” In fact, muscles do not shorten – they are simply in an unstretched, but nevertheless natural state. In our Static Stretching you will find appropriate stretching exercises, which will help you stretch buttock and thigh muscles. Through practicing these exercises, you will soon achieve  a 90° angle with your upper and lower body.