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Freeletics Exercises: Climbers


What are Climbers?

Climbers owe their name to the climbing motion they emulate – similar to what a mountain climber does. Starting in the push-up position, with hands beneath the shoulder joints, place your foot beside the outside edge of your hand, then jump, and switch legs. Note that the jumping movement is performed with your body flat above the ground, so that the buttocks are not pulled higher than your shoulders. Initially, this sounds fairly simple, but many athletes experience Mountain Climbers as extremely unpleasant. They require a high level of mobility as well as explosive force in the legs, while chest and shoulder muscles do more of the stabilizing work. They quickly and simultaneously take your pulse and metabolism to a high level – quite a combination!

What muscles are being used during Climbers?

The abdominal muscles are literally the focus of this exercise: the straight rectus abdominis muscle and the underlying deep abdominal muscles provide the necessary tension in the torso, while the lateral abdominal muscles are involved in the rotation. The lower back muscles – in particular the back extensor – provide stability. Leg curl and leg extensor make the movement of the legs possible, which is also assisted by the muscles of the buttocks (or gluteal muscles). Even the calf muscles are involved in the movement at the moment the feet are pushed off the ground. Triceps and shoulder muscles, the deltoid muscle in particular, support the entire movement. Like Burpees, Climbers are a full body workout because they involve a large part of the total musculature.

What are the other benefits of Climbers?

Due to the large part of the musculature involved and the high pulse rate, Climbers are highly effective at burning fat! The faster you exercise, the better! While the actual focus of the exercise is on the torso area as well as the legs and buttocks, muscles in the shoulder and upper arm area gain strength too – muscles that are also extremely important in other Freeletics exercises! The more Climbers you do, the easier other exercises, such as Burpees and Push-ups, will be!

What is so special about Climbers?

Probably the biggest advantage of Climbers is the fact that they present a challenge to beginners as well as professionals and will push any athlete to his absolute limit. There are no limits to the speed with which you perform this exercise! Beginners may choose the easier Mountain Climber variant, while more advanced athletes will try Froggers!

Mountain climbers as an occasional workout!

Climbers may be performed anywhere and will immediately get your pulse and metabolism into high gear! It is therefore an ideal fitness exercise to perform at home. Try it for yourself: during your lunch break, during the commercial break in front of the TV or right after getting up. Climbers are perfect for whenever you are plagued by fatigue or need to clear your head!