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How to control hungry cravings before they even start

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We all know that certain foods are unhealthy. That a bad nutritional intake can be the cause of various health problems. So why is it that so many people find it hard to say no? The main reason is, that once the craving is in your mind, it’s too hard to get it out. The solution to this: stop cravings before they even start. Easier said then done? Follow these tips and it won’t be.

Set daily regular eating times

As humans, we’re creatures of habit. We stick to things better if we have a concrete plan in front of us. So keep an eating schedule. You’ll know exactly how long it’s going to be until your next meal. Therefore much less tempted to cheat.

Fill yourself up

The best way to resist temptations: don’t get so hungry in the first place. Keep yourself full and hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It might only be temporary but if you combine it with sources of fiber: root vegetables, beans, oatmeal, it’s healthy and fills your stomach like a sponge. Leaving no space for unhealthy snacks.

Always keep an emergency stash

Always keep a supply of healthy snacks nearby. For example fresh fruit, nuts, vegetable sticks with cottage cheese. Anything for when the feeling of temptation comes over you, you’ll have something close at hand to keep it at bay. Once you’ve eaten the snack you can re-evaluate if you really want that cheat meal after all. Choose the right snack and the chances are, you wont.

Keep yourself busy

Boredom. This is when your small cravings turn into your body screaming out for food. So it’s important to keep your brain and body busy. Go for a run. Do a workout. Read a book. Don’t give cravings the time of day. Engage yourself in something that needs your full attention.

Question your mind

Sometimes hunger is just your mind playing tricks on you. If you’re used to eating a pizza in front of the TV at night, then that’s what your mind will tell you to do. Even if you’re not hungry. First, get to know the difference between actual hunger and psychological hunger. Then, learn to tell your mind no.

Are you one of those who find it difficult to resist cravings? Follow these tips and tell us how it helped you fight hunger. Join the discussion or leave a comment below. Take control of your cravings. Take control of your life.