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Healthy summer holiday tips


Summer is here! Time to fire up your BBQs, dig out your swimsuits and make your mark on the training ground. But for many of us, summer is full of temptations to break habits and stray from our goals. Luckily, we have some tips to keep you on track, while still enjoying all that summer has to offer.

First things first: Hydrate and refresh

Every morning should start with at least two glasses of cold water as soon as you’ve woken up. During the hotter months, heat and sweat can leave you feeling dehydrated, which is harmful to your body and also causes unwanted food cravings, even when you‘re not actually hungry. Bored of h20? Try swapping it for healthy, refreshing alternatives like coconut water or flavoured water.

Plan, prepare and think “on the go”

When the sun is beating down, the idea of heading straight to the nearest ice cream store can be really appealing. Stay strong by being prepared and always thinking ahead. Are you going on a day trip? Exploring some cool new surroundings? Don’t rely on finding something when you get there. Pack a cooler, get some fruits, fresh veggies, whole grain bread, and natural yoghurt to have a delicious, nutritious picnic with your friends. Most importantly: carry a bottle of water with you at all times.

Keep your barbecue sugar-free

Summertime is barbecue time. But did you know that most barbecue sauces contain huge amounts of sugar? Yes, they do. And this applies to many marinades too. Not to worry though, because the good news is that the best sauces and marinades are home made! So, if you are planning an evening barbecue to round off an action-packed summer’s day, make your own. Try out the Freeletics BBQ sauces and marinades this weekend.

A little change can make a big difference. Stick to our tips and enjoy a guilt free vacation. Stay energized, on the go and on top of the world. More tips on healthy food? Try out the Freeletics Nutrition Coach today. It’s 100% summer approved.