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Pancake Day the Freeletics way

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Pancakes are always a good idea. Even more so when you’ve got a demanding workout ahead of you, or just worked up an appetite conquering one. That’s why athletes celebrate pancake day. Big. And in true Freeletics style, we do it our own way. Read more to discover how to put a healthy twist on every athlete’s number 1 breakfast dish.

First things first… Do you know where pancake day actually comes from?

It’s also known as Shrove Tuesday and marks the last day before Lent. On this day people should clear their cupboards of things like sugar, fat, eggs and flour…all the ingredients to make the classic pancake.

Flip it – switch up the ingredients

Although we love pancakes, our eyes are always on the prize. Eat smart this pancake day and substitute the classic ingredients for these healthier options:

  • Instead of flour use almond- or coconut-flour or oats
  • Instead of sugar use ripe bananas
  • Instead of butter use coconut oil

Eggs don’t have to be substituted as they are a healthy source of protein.

Our tip: Add a pinch of cinnamon or some coconut flakes to your pancake batter for extra flavour.

And toppings?

Heat frozen berries, chia seeds, honey and a little peanut butter for a rich, sugar free chia jam.

Or check out the Freeletics Nutrition Coach for our pancake with creamy cashew sauce recipe.


Now all that’s left to do is earn your pancakes, before you enjoy them.