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Summer carbs to fuel your PB


We all know the drill. Consuming carbohydrates causes a spike in blood sugar, which results in a surge of insulin, eventually causing you to gain weight if you eat more than your body knows what to do with. Let’s be honest, no one needs that in summer time, right?

The thing is, it‘s slightly more complicated than that, because not all carbs are created equal. Unprocessed carbohydrates create gentle rises in your insulin levels, giving you a small but long lasting supply of energy that your muscles can use for several hours. So, which carbs should athletes keep on their radar? If you’ve got an action-packed summer in sight, we suggest the following 3:


In particular, bananas, watermelon, papaya and strawberries are great fuel for athletes. Mix them together in a fruit salad or combine them with some healthy green, leafy vegetables in a smoothie. Although many fruits have relatively high concentrations of sugar compared to other foods, you can still keep on track with your weight loss goals so long as you stick to controlled portion sizes. Remember, everything in moderation!


Real, rolled oats are high in fiber and guaranteed to give you a boost of long lasting-energy. Soak them overnight in milk, yoghurt or water and add your favorite fruit the next morning, for a perfect post-workout snack.


Technically a seed and not a grain, quinoa is a good source of protein, fiber and iron, and also has a complete amino acid profile which makes it great for vegetarians. High in plant-based protein and antioxidants, it keeps you full and satisfied. Eat it sweet, savory, hot or cold: quinoa is the key to your summer salads. It’s also ideal to take to barbeques instead of heavy pasta or potato salads.

Make this summer all about good food, fresh ingredients and getting familiar with portion sizes that fit your individual needs. Stick to these rules and you’ll never go wrong.

We want to know about your summer goals. How will you make it a summer to remember? What does your summer nutrition look like? Show us your summer carbs on social media using the hashtags #FreeleticsNutrition and #eatclean.