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UPDATE: Today View


This is next level personalized training. Thanks to the latest update to your Freeletics app experience, your Coach is now more adaptive, more intelligent and more personal than ever before.

In short

Your daily workout and lifestyle schedule is here. Today View means that you’ll see your training, recovery and Mindset schedule on a daily, rather than a weekly basis.

What’s the big deal?

The Freeletics training experience just got its biggest overhaul yet. Today View transforms your Coach Week into daily overviews, providing a fresh and simple visualization of your training and lifestyle activity for the day. By generating training days on a daily rather than weekly basis, your Coach will now be able to respond even faster and more accurately to your feedback than ever before.

In addition to letting the Coach adapt your workouts on a daily basis, the new Today View seamlessly integrates audio courses and knowledge-boosting Coach messages within your daily training plan. This lets you take your athletic development beyond the merely physical. Improve your focus, release stress and discover new tools to tap into the power of the mind to unleash your true potential.

In detail

With Today View, there are no more Coach Days, because every day is a Coach Day. Now, you’ll get a Coach plan for every calendar day of the week. This could include training sessions, Mindset sessions, recovery sessions or knowledge insights.

When you first switch over to Today View, you’ll be asked for the days of the week on which you’d like to train. You can adjust this at any time through the settings icon in your app. In Today View, the days on which you have a workout will be marked with a filled circle. If you miss a workout one day, don’t worry, it’ll be shifted to the next day and will continue to shift until you complete it. You’ll never lose a training session.

The Training Journey format remains the same - your Journey will still be 6, 8 or 12 weeks, but now, your progress will be measured in training sessions completed.

And that’s not all.

Alongside Today View, we’ve also turned Quick Adapt up a notch and given it a new name, Adapt Today. Now, not only can tell your Coach when you have no equipment, space, time or can’t run, but you can also tell your Coach…

I need to train quietly

Generate a low impact but still high-intensity workout for when you want to keep relations positive with your downstairs neighbors. No Jumps in sight.

I want a different session

Don’t like the look of your Coach day? It happens to the best of us. Now, you can switch things up a bit. Each day, your Coach will allow you to generate a different workout. Each workout will focus on the same training goal for that day, but the exercises will vary. The choice is yours.

I’m too sore

Tired legs from training or other activities? Tempted to skip training? Well, we’ve got one more excuse-buster for you. Hit this button to exclude exercises that target the muscles that hurt and stay on track to your goals.

Adapt Today is only available in Today View, not in the old Coach Week format.

And if it’s not your thing…

For a limited time, you will be able to toggle back to the old Coach Week view through the settings icon in your app if Today View doesn’t offer what you need just yet.