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More than just gaining muscle or losing weight, these Training Journeys are tough, diverse and never boring. If you want to improve your all-round well-being and fitness, or improve your performance in other sports, here’s a few ways to do so.

Because the male and female bodies are different, we’ve created a male and female version of each Training Journey. Both involve similar exercises and the same training method, they’re just better adapted to your individual physiology to give you your desired results.

Active Endurance/Everyday Endurance


The Journey: Fitness shouldn’t be about short term achievements. If lasting results and full-body fitness are what you’re looking for, this Training Journey is perfect for you. Featuring fast, high intensity workouts with a high numbers of repetitions and periods of sustained cardiovascular activity, this Journey will leave you exhausted, but the results are so good, it'll keep coming back for more once you’ve had a taste of beating your PB. After 12 weeks, you’ll be fitter, leaner, happier and ready for your next Freeletics challenge.

Everyday Strength/Fit & Toned


The Journey: Full body strength and fitness is the name of the game with these Training Journeys. It’s for all ages, equally combining technically challenging, high-resistance explosive exercises with high repetition HIIT exercises. The Coach aims to improve your metabolism and leave you feeling fitter and stronger than ever. Muscular and cardiovascular fatigue are to be expected, but, over 12 weeks, you’re body will adapt and you’ll learn to push through it and complete the exercises you never thought you could.

Strength & Stamina/Full-Body Fitness


The Journey: If an all-round stronger body sounds like what you’re looking for, these are the Training Journeys for you. Both your cardiovascular and muscular limits will be tested by a mixture of easier and more challenging exercises. Workouts require no equipment and will be varied, featuring explosive cardio, bodyweight exercises and varied resistance that will have you coming back for more. In 12 weeks, you’ll become a lean, mean fitness machine with a strong, toned body to match.

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