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Meet your match: The Freeletics Gods

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You know their names. You follow their rules. You love, hate, and sometimes even fear them. They are your goal, comrade, enemy and obstacle. They are the Freeletics Gods. Now come with us for a run on the Mount Olympus and discover more about your ultimate training companions.


Daughter of Zeus, goddess of love and beauty – movement after movement, she will carve your body and increase your fitness level. But beware: Aphrodite shows no mercy. Keep up and you will be rewarded. Go too slow, you’ll get left behind.


Mother of the earth, Gaia created everything from the initial chaos. She’s the foundation of your training – there to help create your true self. From climbers to standups, overtime, this workout will make you rise to the top, stand tall and feel empowered.


Half man, half horse, Kentauros is wild and aggressive, with the power of a thousand men in each leg. Lunge walks, jumps and burpee deep frogs… prepare to feel the burn for days. But pull through and Kentauros will teach you to be fast and agile.


Brother of Zeus, and ruler of the sea, Poseidon’s trident was used to protect and dominate the water world. For this reason, the majority of his strength came from his arms – take on Poseidon and yours will too. Short but intense, he’ll forge your arms with series of pullups, muscleups and pushups. Poseidon is renowned as he is unbeatable. Will you be the one to bring him down?


Opponent of Zeus, Prometheus stole the fire from Mount Olympus and gave it to humankind. As a punishment, he was seized and enchained to a rock. But now he’s back and seeking revenge. With a series of climbers, situps and pushups, he will put the fire into your muscles and leave your entire body burning. Give it your all and don’t allow yourself to go down in flames.

Every workout has its story. Want to discover more? Check the other Freeletics Gods Hades and Artemis.