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The benefits of training outdoors

If you’re looking to refresh your routine and boost your energy, it’s time to get off that couch and get outdoors. Easier said than done? We know that after spending months at a gym or training in the comfort of your living room, training outdoors can seem daunting. Running, exercising, and sweating in public can be terrifying at the beginning, but there are so many benefits that go along with it. Here are five reasons to put your fears aside and get outdoors today.

Fresh air

Who doesn’t need some fresh air after a long day in the office or library? It does wonders for the mind and will make you feel more alive and motivated. Way more enjoyable than training in a stuffy, hot room, the fresh oxygen leads to the release of happiness hormones and boosts your immune system. Feel good vibes and healthy – that’s a win-win!

Change of scenery

Training never has to be boring if you’re outside. You can change your running route as often as you like, especially to keep your distance runs from becoming tedious. You can also pick a perfect spot for your Bodyweight workout, depending on what you need, such as a wall, a bar or a distance to run. If you keep changing your location, your training won’t feel boring or repetitive. Parks, gardens, fields, forests – the world is yours.


Training together in a group or with a partner outside boosts your motivation. Ever done a group workout with other Free Athletes? Ever crushed a new PB (personal best) thanks to your accountability buddy? It’s a fantastic feeling and will keep you motivated right until the end – a great way to get some new PBs. Mix it up, try out new spots – it’s a great way to meet lots of new, like minded Athletes. So get out there!

Healthy variety

For running, training outside means lots of different terrains to conquer: hills, flat, trails, winding roads, and different altitudes. You could also try out one of the running workouts on a local school’s running track if you can find one. It’s great for your feet to run on a variety of surfaces, and better yet, running outside provokes a much more natural movement than on a treadmill. Your body will thank you for getting outdoors!

When it comes to bodyweight training, the opportunities are endless. See that park bench, goal post, or tree? All of these typical outdoor objects are easily transformed into your own personal gym. Get creative and explore new areas – with the outdoors as your gym you’ll have access to even more equipment-required exercises.

Discover your city

When you’re subconsciously on the lookout for a new workout spot or running route wherever you go, you are very likely to discover new parts of your city and places you never knew existed. It’s the ultimate way to explore and discover secret training gems along your journey.

Now you know the benefits of training outside, grab your friends, lace up your shoes, and take advantage of the great outdoors. #TrainOutside

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