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New Freeletics workouts: Why you’re going to love them!

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However, we know that every athlete has a different goal. Every goal takes you on a different journey. And every journey is faced with different challenges. We want to support every athlete, every journey and every performance level. For this reason we think it’s about time we opened the gates and introduced some more.

But before you go up against our new Gods. Before you hit start and fight for your victory, we want to give them a short introduction. The new Gods have arrived, ready and waiting for a challenge.

Merciless and indiscriminate. Thanatos will play with your mind. Become your new, most challenging workout**. 6 rounds** of pushups, situps, climbers, standups and burpees. It’s a mind game. Important you use all rests wisely. They are placed at certain points to help you catch your breath and rebuild your strength. In Greek mythology, Thanatos was displaced by Hades. Now he’s back to regain his title. Who will prevail? You decide.


As soon as you hear “GO” you become Hermes. God of endurance and speed. 4 rounds of pushups and sprints. Designed to work your arms and legs at their maximum capacity. If you enjoy the energy rush you get from Apollon, then you’re going to like Hermes. It’s the ultimate cardio workout: Every step will take you closer to the finish line. Will you trip? Succumb to boundaries? Or will you succeed? Come out triumphant? The trick is to use every rest as a recovery. Breath in. Breath out. Get up. Put your fastest foot forward. 5,4,3,2,1…. Now, run like hell.


There’s a reason why Triton is named after the merman messenger of the sea. It focuses on upper body only. Not for the faint hearted, it’s a combination of Hand-stand pushups, pullups and pushups. Do you have the strength? The determination? The power to take on the triton?


Prometheus is your future. Named after the Titan God of forethought, it prepares you for tomorrow. For next week. For next year. 5 rounds of climbers, pushups, situps, squats and jumping jacks. Your arms will tire at first. That’s when the speed of situps and squats makes up for it. Put in the hard work and Prometheus will return the rewards.


Don’t be fooled by first appearances. 3 rounds… easy right? But like the queen of the underworld where it gets its name, Persephone is intense and powerful. A real High Intensity Workout. Lunges, burpees, leglevers. A full body workout awaits you when take on the challenge of Persephone.


Nyx is the ultimate workout for your abs- the burn will feel harmful, but trust us: it’s helpful. Situps, leglevers and standups. It’s a tough workout. Every single one of your abdominal muscles will burn. But if you want to tone the most difficult area, you’re going to have to take on the most powerful goddess. It might seem short, but give it everything you’ve got and we assure you: it will be enough.


Strength. Strategy. Skill. Speed. Four things you’ll need when you decide to take on Athena. With 5 quick rounds of climbers, situps and squats, it’s designed to improve your energy and intensity levels. Go all out and you will come out as powerful as the goddess you’re challenging. Athena personifies excellence, victory and glory. Are you ready to make these traits your own?


Krios is the god of mystery. No one’s really sure of the god who had power over the sky. So it’s up to you to form your own opinion. Pullups, squats, situps. 3 exercises to suit every athlete of every level. So no matter where you came from or where you are, Krios will get you to where you want to go.


Nemesis is for those who want to go in at the shallow end. It might be aimed more at those getting started, but “nemesis” means to give what is due. Give it your all, and you will work. And for your work, Nemesis will reward you. 5 rounds of situps and climbers. As one decreases, the other increases. It’s the bitter sweet workout. The perfect challenge to get you acquainted to the gods.


Everyone who starts out with Freeletics has a goal. A vision of the person they want to become. A dream version of themselves. That’s why Morpheus is named after the god of dreams and future events. Pushups, lunges and jumping jacks will ease you in, but keep you working. Train hard and you’ll get to where you want to be. Your future is in the hands of Morpheus, but it’s up to you to make sure you come out on top.

All that’s left now is for you to select your challenge. This is your journey. You choose the direction. You choose your destination. The gods and goddesses are your companion. Together, you will get there. Achieve the impossible.