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Barbecue essentials


The barbecuing season is here. It’s the perfect excuse to get outside. Make use of the weather. Enjoy some good, fresh food. And let’s be honest: who doesn’t enjoy it? Keep it healthy and balance eating clean with socializing. Or even better, turn it into a post workout get-together with your training group. To help make the most of your barbecue, here are 4 healthy essentials you’ll need this summer:

Homemade Dips


Dips and sauces make any meal. Especially a barbecue. And the best are those you make yourself. Healthy alternatives that you can add to meat, sandwiches or with your salad. Find out the most delicious recipes for guacamole, salsa and red pepper, tomato relish here.

Unusual Salads

Salad is the key to your summer nutrition. An essential to take with you if you’re attending any barbecue. Avoid heavy, pasta salads. Instead, choose nourishing, light combinations. Not so sure what these are? Discover secret, healthy, summer salad ingredients here.


Grilled Salmon

Not all barbecues have to consist of sausages and spare ribs. Fish is a healthy alternative. Try salmon, tuna or sardines. High in omega-3 fatty acids and protein, they are nutritious and ideal for your grill. It’s so easy: grilled fish tastes best pure!

Grilled Bananas

Bananas? Not what you would usually have on your barbecue right? But barbecued bananas are the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth, whilst still providing you with important nutrients. How to barbecue your banana? Cut it in half, fill with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, wrap in foil and throw on the grill for 5-10 minutes.

Take note: other fruits also taste incredibly good grilled! Try halved nectarines or peaches with cottage cheese.

Let's recap:

Barbecue season doesn't have to mean gorging on an endless supply of fatty red meat. Try switching these tasty, healthy alternatives onto your grill and turn up the heat on summer nutrition!

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