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“How I gained 14 kg muscle mass by eating clean.” – Andi’s story

Andi New

“Nutrition is 50% of your results.”

You’ve probably heard this rule countless times before. Andi did. Still, he underestimated the effect nutrition has on muscle gain until he learned better. After 15 weeks with Freeletics Nutrition he realised that what you eat not only changes your body, it changes your entire life. Here’s why.

Alcohol-fuelled parties, junk food, sweets and lack of sleep: I never paid any real attention to my nutrition. I ate whatever was easiest to prepare and most of the time, I ended up in a fast food chain. Whenever there was a chance to drink a good, cold beer, I couldn’t refuse. As a result, my skin was bad and I continuously gained weight. That was the old me.

My personal goal: Muscle gains for my 30th birthday

There was this one morning, when I decided enough is enough. I told myself that I had to change my life before I turned 30. After watching Arne’s transformation story – which inspired me a lot – I realised that my life and wellbeing lay in my hands. No one else’s. So I embarked on a clean eating journey with Freeletics Nutrition and added high intensity Bodyweight and Gym training. Much to my surprise it was the nutrition part that turned out to be the most difficult. I didn’t know anything about food and had a hard time taking the first step.


Eat clean to gain muscle. Really?

But I finally managed to change my eating habits: I started cooking (and filling my fridge with more than just light), began choosing unprocessed foods only (bye bye, burgers), quit sugar, and overcame my cravings (particularly, my beloved beer). There was a point when I asked myself if all the effort and sacrifice was worth it. Wasn’t it enough to just train hard to gain that muscle mass? Soon I realised: it wasn’t.


Nutrition and training: From obstacle to lifestyle

I finally began to understand what they meant when they said you are what you eat. I needed to fuel my body. Without “clean food” I wouldn’t have had the energy to endure the high intensity training with Freeletics Bodyweight and Gym. While nutrition and training seemed to be an insurmountable obstacle at first, they are an indispensable part of my life now. Do I still crave fast foods and sweets? Not so much. I now know how unhealthy that stuff is and to what extent it harms my body. Apart from that: I gained 14 kg of clean muscle mass and discovered a new, healthier and more confident me.

This was my journey. Now it’s time for yours.