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Freeletics Exercises: Archer Pushups


What are Archer Pushups?

Archer Pushups are an upper body exercise that builds and strengthens your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs.

The Archer Pushup looks a little different from a regular Pushup, using one hand to perform the exercise, while the other hand is being used for support. This means that the chest, shoulder, and tricep muscles of one side are being worked, while the other side stabilizes the body as it moves. This enables you to train one side with greater focus and intensity.

What muscles do Archer Pushups target?

Archer Pushups target a variety of muscle groups, and this can vary depending on the angle between the working arm and the torso. When the working arm is close to the body the muscles targeted are the deltoids and triceps brachii. However, when the angle is 30 to 70 degrees, the main muscle being targeted is the pectoralis major.

In addition, Archer Pushups require a strong core to keep your shoulder, hips, and feet in line while also keeping your hips from rotating as you lower yourself down to one side.

How do I properly perform Archer Pushups?

To perform an Archer Pushup, start in a high plank position, with your arms straight and your hands wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your head, shoulders, hips, and feet in line, and always keep your knees and hips off the ground.

To begin the move, lower yourself down until your chest touches one hand and keep the other arm straight out to the side. From this position push up and then alternate sides, counting one rep when you return to the starting high plank position.

Remember that you can always check the tutorial videos in the Freeletics app to see Archer Pushups demonstrated at full speed, half-speed, and from multiple angles.

Additional things to keep in mind when training

The Archer Pushup requires strength, stability, and control to perform. Because you are only using one arm, it is extra tricky and there can be a tendency for the body to twist at the hips during the movement. To ensure proper form, it is important to make sure your body is controlled, tight, and steady.

This exercise also requires a great deal of balance, so if you’re just starting out, you can widen your feet to give yourself some more stability during this movement.

If you want to improve your Archer Pushup technique, it is important to concentrate on building stronger triceps. This can be done through a combination of exercises which focus on the triceps, like Diamond Pushups, Straight Bar Dips, or Triceps Extensions.

Incorporating these into your workout routine regularly will help you to build additional strength where you need it to ensure you can smash out a set of perfect Archer Pushups.

Lastly, the Archer Pushup is an advanced bodyweight exercise, and as such, it is a move that you should work your way up to when you feel as though standard Pushups, Diamond Pushups, and Spiderman Pushups are becoming too easy.

They are physically demanding, so for maximum success, make sure your form is correct and that you do not overdo it. If you feel like your body needs a rest then stop, breathe and have some water before starting again.
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