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Fitness is no problem for this full time working mom.

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Too old? Too busy? Too unfit? Anastasia’s story proves these are all nothing but excuses.

Anastasia was a busy working mom who rarely made time for exercise. Doing the occasional workout now and again, her big mindset change came when she undertook the Freeletics Bootcamp and realized that making the time and taking the effort to train always pays off. Results aren’t just for young people who dedicate endless hours to fitness; with the right commitment and mindset, anyone can achieve their goals. This is Anastasia’s story.

Before starting her Bootcamp experience, Anastasia had dabbled in various training methods, including Freeletics, for a couple of years, but had never fully committed to the Free Athlete lifestyle.

I decided to start doing Freeletics properly because I had become bored with training in the gym; I wanted something effective that would train my entire body. Previously, I didn’t really do it regularly and I didn’t focus on doing the exercises correctly.

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This was set to change, but when it came to doing the Freeletics Bootcamp, Anastasia’s family didn’t quite get it.

My mom didn’t understand how I’d have time to train four times a week between looking after my children and going to work. I was concerned about the extra burden and worried that I wouldn’t be able to cope.

But Anastasia did more than cope. The Bootcamp proved to be the start of a life-changing transformation.

I completed it and, most importantly, I enjoyed it. I learnt that you can achieve a lot when you structure your life well and discipline yourself to keep to this structure.

The first change Anastasia noticed was the sudden improvement of her baseline strength.

The first thing I noticed was that I suddenly had some strength. For the first few weeks, I could barely do one pushup, but then, suddenly, I found that I could do five, six or even more!

Her training routine is simple and uncomplicated.

A typical training session? I go outside and listen to my Coach. No stress. No time wasting. No procrastination. You get the job done. That’s it.

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As with many Free Athletes, the Freeletics community played a huge role in motivating Anastasia through her Bootcamp experience and beyond.

The Freeletics community motivated me to carry on, even when I was struggling. In the community, you can meet like-minded people and exchange your stories, training tips and favorite workouts; it made for a very special group dynamic.

The results of her transformation have been more than physical.

My sense of self-worth has increased massively through doing Freeletics. Following both the training and nutrition have made me feel really positive about myself; I’ve learnt to love and care for both my mind and body. I absolutely love training now; I try to convince other people to do sport too.

Anastasia overcame her busy life to prove that nothing should stand between you and your goals.

Family, children, work and chores shouldn’t be a reason not to train. It’s always worth trying to find the time.

She has some advice for people unsure about whether they should take the plunge with Freeletics.

I’d recommend that they watch the transformation videos or, even better, join in a community training session somewhere. The most important thing is never giving up, no matter how hard it gets. Hard work will always pay off, so you should never give up.

Anastasia is proof that neither age nor time should be barriers to improving your fitness and reaching your goals. Like many busy working moms out there, her life is hectic and full, but she always finds time for Freeletics because she knows how important it is to train to lead a healthy, balanced and happy life.