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Dry February is the new January: Don’t stop now


Did you successfully complete dry January? Made it one whole month without giving into the temptation of alcohol, sweets or whatever your Achilles heel may be? Great achievement! Every time you resist, your willpower is being strengthened: the most important muscle of all. So if you’ve already come this far, why stop now? January proved you could do it. February is now the time to commit yourself. Here’s why it’s worth it to keep going.

The hard part is behind you

The start of something new is always the hardest. Taking the first step requires the most mental strength. You are entering the unknown. Your body is experiencing something totally new. And it doesn’t like change. If you’ve already completed January, then this is all behind you. You’ve adapted to the situation and your body is slowly coming to terms with what’s happening. Do you really want to put yourself through that all again somewhere else down the line?

Unless it’s long-term, it’s not worth it

Sure the ability to give something up for a month is great. But it’s not going to be that effective unless you’ve got a plan in place for afterwards. The pain and glory you’ve gone through was all for nothing if you’re just going to return to old habits. Instead of this being a break, see it as the beginning. Instead of giving up now, take it to the next level. You know that it’s possible to go without. Now start putting plans in place to find a balance, where you can keep going at a healthy, comfortable pace.

Remember the reason you gave it up

Whatever you gave up must be pretty bad if you made the decision to cut it out altogether. If it’s that bad, this should be reason enough to steer clear. Not just for a month. Alcohol, fast food and sugar don’t just have bad effects on your training; consume too much and you’re seriously putting your health at risk. Commit to respecting your body this year. It deserves it!

We congratulate you on making it this far. Every day is another achievement. And every achievement brings you that one step closer to your goal. So stay committed. Stay on track. Fight through every struggle. Because soon the hardship and pain will become an effortless habit. January was just the start. Keep pushing.