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Tips to keep your cool this summer


Training in summer is tough. It makes you think about all the times you cursed training in the rain, and now wish you were back there. But it’s worth breaking a sweat. The best athlete is made during the toughest season. So to help make your training more bearable this summer, here are 3 simple hacks to help keep you as cool as a cucumber.

Freeze your water

This tip is a classic from Freeletics Featured Athlete Vanessa.

“Take your bottled water and fill it only ¾ of the way full. Then put it in the fridge and let it freeze over night. In the morning you’ll have a large block of ice in your bottle of water to keep you cool all the way through your training.”

Avoid coffee

Are you used to drinking an afternoon coffee before your workout? Try to avoid this in summer. Caffeine will make you sweat more. Not what you want, when your body temperature is already sky high. Try a refreshing smoothie or just some simple ice-cold water with lemon.

Cool down before you even train

The cooler your body is when you start, the longer it takes to start sweating. Instead of sitting out in the sun before you train, keep your body as cool as possible. Pre-cool by taking a cold shower. Sit next to a fan. Or crank up the air con.

You can find out more summer tips for training in the Freeletics Knowledge Center. Just remember… Good things come to those who sweat.