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All Your Coach Benefits in a Nutshell


The Freeletics training app offers useful free workouts and other fitness features. If you want to streamline your progress, maximize your efforts, and achieve the results you crave, you should consider upgrading to the Coach.



Trainings personalized to your goals

The Freeletics Coach will create your personal workout for each session and guide you towards your goals based on your development and feedback


Unique workouts and intervals available and customized to you

Warmups & Cooldowns specific to your workout

Every training session has its own specific warmup and cooldown to ensure the best outcome for your workout


Adapt workouts to your needs

Change the length, difficulty or avoid muscle groups by giving the Coach more info on the day


Plan your week to stay on track

Schedule your unique workouts into your training calendar


Personalized Training Journeys that meet your training needs

Custom 6-12 week training plans for weights, running, bodyweight only, or a combination of the three training preferences available



Resistance equipment in bodyweight Training Journeys

The Freeletics Coach will assign intervals with dumbbell, kettlebell, resistance bands, and/or weight plates if you enable them in your Coach settings.


Daily Athlete Score

A dynamic score that takes into account various aspects of your performance and gives you a near real-time status of your fitness level based on more than 100 different data points.


Single exercises

No equipment strength and endurance exercises, as well as equipment based exercises using jump ropes, resistance bands & more.

55 different exercises

Full access to over 375 different exercises

Signature Workouts

Leverage your bodyweight or use equipment for a full-body or targeted workout, anywhere.

33 signature workouts

Full access to 87 signature workouts

On-demand Workouts

Access a library of workouts with or without equipment to complement your Coach training plan


Over 50 workouts

Mindset audio sessions

(currently available in EN only)

Get research-based tips on how to achieve your training, mindset, health, and nutrition goals



Statistics & Badges

Earn badges & share the daily summary of your workouts on social media.


Recipes & tailored meal plans [Nutrition only]

Choose from recipes that fit your dietary needs and build up your personalized meal plan


Track sprints & runs

Keep track of your sprint and running stats across any distance of your choice

Inspiration to reach your goals
Benefit from a team of experts to give you audio, video or text articles to increase your knowledge and inspire you to workout

Build healthy habits and see yourself progress

Access to on-demand exercise tutorials where you can aim to beat your personal bests

Community Feed

Share your workouts and add your friends

Workout Creator

Build your own workouts



Invite your friends to take on 7 days of movement. Choose from a selection of single exercises, God workouts, or on-demand workouts

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