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30-Day Challenge: Level-Up Your Pullups!

Why are pullups difficult

Out of all of the athletic skills Free Athletes want to master, the Pullup is one of the most desired.

Beyond being a highly effective bodyweight exercise, the ability to perform a Strict Pullup (and even other tougher variations!) is kind of a badge of’s not easy to do one, and when you can, you’ll definitely want to show people that you can.

This is exactly why we’re honoring the Pullup with Freeletics Pullup Day on September 22. To prepare, we’re spending the next month working with the Coach, our Ambassadors, and each other to improve and perfect the Pullup.

Freeletics Pullup Day is coming.

What is it?

Simultaneously a challenge and a celebration, it’s a day dedicated to lifting yourself to new heights. We’ll celebrate in Freeletics Fashion - by doing as many Pullups as we can, together. How many do you think we can achieve as a community?

When is it?

It’s September 22, 2021 -- which means it’s less than one month away! When it comes to goals, there’s nothing better than a mark on a calendar to motivate you to get going. Today is the perfect day to start focusing on your Pullup skill.

How can I prepare for Freeletics Pullup Day?

Whether you’ve never achieved a Pullup before or you’re crushing Archer Pullups as a warm up, this next month is for you. Your only job is to set a goal and to improve.

It’s just you and your Coach working towards progress, supported by the entire Freeletics Community. How much progress can you make in the next 30 days?

Need some help figuring out what sorts of goals you should set for yourself? Below are some prompts to help you think about your current level and what you could choose to take on:

Setting your personal goals (a few examples):

  • “I’ve never achieved a Pullup before” → “In the next 30 days, I will make as much progress as I can on my Pullup Skill Path in the Freeletics App. On Freeletics Pullup Day, I promise to do two things. First, I’ll celebrate how far I’ve come and then, I’ll help add to the Community Counter in whatever way I can - with assisted Pullups, Jumping Pullups, or even just another attempt.”

  • “I can only do a few Strict Pullups” → “On Freeletics Pullup Day, my goal is to achieve 10 Strict Pullups. I’m going to use the Skill Progression feature over the next 30 days with my Coach to improve my form, gain strength, and crush this challenge on Pullup Day.”

  • “I’m already working on Muscleups or harder variations of Pullups” → “On Freeletics Pullup Day, it’s really my time to shine. I will perform as many Pullups as I can and challenge myself to see how much progress I’ll make on my other Pullup variations in the meantime.”

Ready to go?

Here's what you’ll need to take part:

  • Determination & Commitment
  • A Pullup bar
    Don't have one? That's ok! You can:
    1. Grab one from the Freeletics Essentials store, or
    2. Get outside and find a football/soccer goal, monkey bars, or some other sturdy piece of equipment that you can hang from.
  • Your Pullup Skill Path activated with the Coach
    1. Please note: To make the most progress, select only the Strict Pullup skill path for now. After Pullup Day, you can edit your settings and the Coach will help you make progress on 14 different skills!

What else can I do to improve my Pullups?

If you’re on your phone, tap here to open your Coach settings, then select “Skill progressions” and tap “Strict Pullups” to activate.

If it is blocked, you may need to update other Coach settings first, such as showing you have a pullup bar available in your Equipment list. In this case, simply tap the back button, select “Pullup Bar”, select the settings that match your bar, and then press the blue button that says “Update settings.”

Now, try activating your Skill Progression again.

Looking for more info about Skill Progressions? Here’s everything you need to know.

And if you still need the app:

Grab the app, join the fun!

See you at the bar 😉💪