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Women and fitness myth #1: Freeletics training makes women big and bulky. False!

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Male or female, when it comes to your fitness you can never go wrong. Especially with Freeletics. Yet, for some unknown reason people still choose to listen to myths.

“If a woman does high intensity training, she will develop a bodybuilders figure.”

This is one of the most common female fitness myths. And…one of the most false. We know the benefits of Freeletics for women, so we’re going to set this straight: Freeletics training will not make women big and bulky like body builders. Period. If you’re looking to improve your body, your strength and your confidence, sports is the way to do it. Never let these kinds of myths put you off.

Firstly, will Freeletics training make you strong? For sure. Your muscles will become stronger. More defined. But not necessarily bigger. By no means will it result in every woman looking like a muscle building-man after their 15 weeks with the Coach. Your performance and the mental benefits you gain are gonna be bigger than the muscle mass. Men have ten times more testosterone. This means there is no way you can gain the same kind of muscles.

But what about the female body builders you see in magazines and on TV? There’s a clue in the name: Body builders. They have been working on this goal for years. They do more than bodyweight training. They lift weights. Every day. Heavy weights. And lots of them.

The bottom line is this: Whether it’s mentally or physically, Freeletics will tone, strengthen and improve. Focus on the positive. Not the negative. These myths most likely started off as excuses anyway.


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