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We just want to make you sweat…but right!

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For a Free Athlete, sweat is a sign of effort. It also plays an important role in our health and athletic performance as it regulates the body temperature - exactly what you need during a Freeletics workout. That’s why it’s so important to not only allow yourself to sweat but also help your body sweat more efficiently. How on earth do you do that? Rule #1: think twice before wiping your brow. Read on to discover the rest.

Mistake #1: Drying your sweat before it evaporates

Do you normally use a towel to wipe the sweat from your skin because you think it’s more hygenic? Most people do, but it’s a big mistake. By wiping sweat from your skin, you’re likely to sweat even more. That’s because sweat is your body’s natural air-conditioning system, required to regulate your body temperature. This cooling effect, however, only works when the secreted liquid evaporates on your skin. By wiping sweat away, you are stopping the cooling process and therefore your body produces even more sweat to prevent itself from overheating. The only thing you need a towel for on the training ground is to wipe the sweat from your mat - not your body.

Mistake #2: Wearing the wrong clothes

Wearing clothes made of functional material is essential to support your body while sweating. Clothing made of cotton doesn’t allow sweat to pass through it, therefore trapping the heat your body produces. Breathable materials make sure that sweat is able to evaporate so the body stays cool. Moreover, breathable garments reduce the risk of pimples and irritated spots that can occur when sweat reacts with the bacteria in your clothes and on your skin.

Mistake #3: Not hydrating enough

Hydration is crucial for every athlete. Drinking sufficient water allows your body to sweat more efficiently and replaces the fluid lost through sweating during a workout. If you are not hydrated enough your performance is likely to suffer. In addition, when dehydrated, the amount of salt in your sweat increases causing a peeling effect on your skin which can lead to abrasion. This is especially the case during running when your thighs or armpits rub against each other, causing serious pain. Discover our 4 basic rules on hydration to ensure you stay hydrated during your workout and throughout the entire day.

Mistake #4: Taking a shower straight after your workout

Ever finished an Aphrodite in the morning before work, jumped straight in the shower but came out sweating more than you did when you went in? That’s totally normal! As you already know, sweat helps your body cool down and is therefore produced until your body temperature has reached its normal level again. To avoid sweating after taking a shower, we recommend you take your time after your workout and use it for an efficient cool down.

Step up your sweat game and make it rain.