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It’s time you stopped using rain as an excuse


Ever used rain as a “reason” not to train? Then this article is for you. “But my phone will get wet”, “my hands can’t grip the bar”, “I’ll catch a cold, slip, or won’t have time to get dry before work”. Be honest…these are all just excuses. We’ve heard them all before, most of us even used them. Now it’s time to get rid of them. Here’s how:

Excuse #1 – “But I’ll get wet”

A good waterproof jacket and a thick plastic bag to store your phone or other valuables is all you need. You can also invest in some waterproof headphones so that even when it rains, you can still listen to your favorite running playlist. And if all else fails, the good news is that your skin is waterproof. So score this excuse off your list.

Excuse #2 – “But I’ll slip”

Our solution: good shoes and gloves. Take a look at the bottom of your workout shoes. If they’re too smooth it will be very slippery on the wet ground. Same goes for your gloves. To be ready for the rain, get some shoes deeper grooves on their soles to get a better grip on the road. It will be more comfortable and lower at risk for injury when running, jumping or doing burpees. And gloves with rubber palms or fingertips so you can still grip that pull up bar.

Excuse #3 – “But I’ll get ill”

First thing to do after a rainy run outside is to get rid of those wet clothes. Take a hot bath, drink a cup of hot lemon and heat up your body again. Through a well-balanced diet you should always provide your body with enough vitamin C to boost your immune system and prevent you from getting sick. If your training spot is far away from home or you’re worried you won’t have time to get dry before work, pack some dry clothes into a plastic bag within your sports bag and change them directly after training. Always remember a towel, spare shoes and spare socks. No one enjoys cold, wet feet.

Excuse #4 – “And if I get caught in a rain shower unprepared?”

Schedule your workout around the weather. Always plan your workout ahead by checking out the forecast the night before and schedule your workout in the dry hours of the day.

Excuse #5 – “I just really don’t want to train in the rain”

Ok, ok we get it. Maybe you just really really don’t want to go outdoors when it’s raining. But this doesn’t mean you can’t train at all. There are plenty of indoor alternatives. And if you can’t even convince yourself to step one foot out the front door to go to the gym, make use of the Adapt session feature and train in the comfort of your own living room. No excuses.


Don’t let rain dampen your progress. Get out there. Get wet. Get working. #NoExcuses #NoRainNoGain