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Training tips: 7 essentials for training


Phone. Mat. Water bottle. The good feeling goes. And the doubt returns. Don’t let this be the case for your next workout. Discover our Freeletics gym bag essentials and stay equipped for anytime that PB feeling hits you.


The core essentials

The better equipped you are, the less excuses you’ll have. Here’s what to carry in your gym bag at all times:

  1. Your phone with the app
    Very important – download it now.
  2. Your training mat
    Sit-up friendly with the right thickness for burpees and anti-slip surface.
  3. Gloves
    Protect your hands from blisters and add extra grip for pullups.
  4. A towel
    The harder you work, the more you sweat. Trust us: you’re gonna need one.
  5. Deodorant
    Well… for obvious reasons. See above.
  6. Bottle of water
    Staying hydrated is so important! Never forget your water bottle.
  7. Sunscreen
    Sun is stronger than you think and it’s said that when you sweat, you’re more likely to burn.

Get equipped with Freeletics Essentials.

Extra training shoes

Is Apollon, Ares, Atlas or another workout with running in your training plan this week? Always have a pair of running shoes to support your feet during workouts which include runs instead of your usual, light, bodyweight sneakers. Find out what you need to know when choosing your running shoes.

Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail. Make a plan, get equipped and take action.