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Get fit in less than 20 minutes: The shortest Freeletics workouts

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Everyone has those long days. Getting out of bed is an extra struggle. You go from one meeting to the next. And by the time they are done, it’s late and you’re tired. You’ve had no time to workout so far and there is no way you can do a time consuming Helios, Kronos, Ra or 10k run. Time seems to always be the culprit. The perfect excuse to skip your workout. But not any more. We have listed the six shortest workouts below to fit even your busiest days. No time? No excuse.

You just sat down on the couch feeling exhausted. This is the moment of truth. “No you don’t have time”. “Once won’t make a difference”. “Train in the morning instead”: This is what your mind will tell you. But you and I both know it’s lying. Ignore the excuses. Pay no attention to the lies. Get your training gear on and your playlist turned up. All it takes is max. 20 mins if you choose one of these workouts.

Top 3 quickest Freeletics Bodyweight workouts

All you need is 2×2 meters and max. 20 minutes. If you feel over- or unchallenged try the Strength or Endurance version.


Average Time: 06:13 min

Pushups, Lunges and Jumping Jacks: that’s how you beat Morpheus. With an average time of 6 minutes and 13 seconds it’s the fastest bodyweight workout you can do. But don’t underestimate it, the Jumping Jacks are the cardio exercise to get your heart rate going.


Average Time: 07:21 min

Mixing Climbers, Situps and Squats in one workout trains your legs and abs at the same time. Focus on the right execution to make every single second of this super quick workout make a difference.


Average Time: 9:23 min

Situps and Climbers only? Sounds easy right? Don’t be fooled. After the first round you’ll already feel it in your abs. Quick and effective: ideal!

Top 3 time-efficient workouts with Freeletics Running

Getting outside for a run after spending the whole day in the office gives you balance, clears your mind and provides you with the daily dose of oxygen that you need. Go down to the street in front of your apartment, take a deep breath and just run.


Maat is our shortest sprint running workout. The trick is to find a pace that feels good for you to run all sprint sets with only short breaks in between.


Seth consists of short distance sprints only and therefore is predestined to be done without a running track.


Four exhausting sprints and one short run make Xerxes the perfect workout to do anywhere. Two sprints on the street, one short run through the neighbourhood, two more sprints through the park and without even having time to think about it, you’re done.

To avoid injuries don’t forget  to warmup and stretch. It’s super important, even if you don’t have much time.

It might not be easy to train after a long, exhausting day. But actually, it’s exactly what you need. But don’t just take our word for it. Try it for yourself. Or alternatively workout in the morning. This is when your willpower is at it’s strongest and the ideal way start to what will afterwards be a not-so-stressful day. 20 minutes is all you need. No more excuses.