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Chia seeds, kale, goji berries: The 3 best superfoods

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From blueberries to kale, superfoods are all the rage at the moment. And quite rightly so: natural foods packed with vitamins, proteins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants. What’s not to like? Due to their above-average nutrient density, they are considered extremely healthy, and are used for both medicine and food.

To help you benefit from their natural goodness, here are 3 the best superfoods you can add to your diet and some quick and easy recipes to combine and integrate these foods into your everyday life.

Chia seeds


Chia seeds are at the top of the superfoods list. They are particularly rich in valuable omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamins. They also provide us with many proteins, which are particularly important for Free Athletes. In liquid, they swell and cause the body to feel fuller for longer. So you’re less likely to experience cravings.

Discover the recipe for the berry chia bowl in your Freeletics Nutrition Coach.

Goji berry

The Goji berry is also called “Lucky Berry.” And is even said to make you feel really happy. Due to its spicy-sweet taste, it can be used both in savory and sweet dishes. The dried fruits go perfectly with your morning muesli, but also with sauces and salads. Those who prefer using the berries without any effort, can add the small dried fruits to nuts as a snack for in between.

Kale pesto


No use for kale in your kitchen? Wonder what you should do with it? Well it’s time to finally give it a try. Kale is full of iron and fiber, plus it provides you with vitamins and antioxidants. If you use raw kale, many of these vital substances remain. So grab your blender!

Our healthy recipe: 150 g kale, 80 g (3/4 cup) pistachios or almonds, half a clove of garlic, olive oil, chili, and salt and pepper are all you need.

Together with the other ingredients, reduce the kale in a blender until it reaches the consistency of pesto. If you don’t like your pesto too creamy, don’t mash the ingredients too long so that chunks of nuts remain.

At the end, you may wish to refine your pesto with Parmesan.

Kale pesto goes well with whole wheat pasta, vegetables, or can be used for breading fish or meat.

You can get superfoods in many organic grocery stores or health food stores, or you may order them online. At times, these foods may be over-priced, and their healing effect is somewhat controversial, but in no case will they do any harm. Why don’t you try them for yourself? The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

What’s your opinion of ‘superfoods’? Any recipes you want to share? Leave a comment here.