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How to prepare for the NY Marathon


You want to join the world’s largest and most famous marathon? You want to experience that unique and unforgettable feeling when you cross the finish line after completing 42 km in the city that never sleeps? It’s every runner’s dream. Now let’s make it your reality. Here are five useful tips to best prepare you for the race.

Set a goal

We all know that it takes some serious training to prepare your mind and body for the big race. But first things first…set yourself a goal. Think of a realizable time you want to run the marathon, write it down and focus your training on this time. It’s easier if you have a set goal in mind to keep you motivated. You can also reward yourself with a long-awaited gift or a trip after you have achieved your goal. This will motivate and encourage you not to give up. #stayfocusedonyourgoals

It’s all about planning

Plan your training for the marathon way in advance. Invest in a calendar and fill it with training sessions each week, ensuring everything else is planned around them. Especially for a race with such a long distance it’s really essential to plan your training precisely and attainable. Moreover, the intensity of your training should increase each  week. This way you will be able to see a steady improvement in your progress. Also look into the city’s best running routes and try tackling a different one each time. A variety of surroundings and differernt locations adds excitement to your training and stops you from getting bored.


Train in groups

Find a group of people who also want to train for the marathon and arrange to run together. It’s easier and more fun when you train with others. You can motivate each other and exchange tips and experiences for training. More importantly, you will be less likely to skip training if your group is waiting for you. Particularly during summer time it’s fantastic to go for a run outside in the park or the forest. So don’t waste time and find some people to form a running group.


Eat like a runner, perform like a runner

Ask any runner and they will tell you, nutrition is key. If you don’t eat the right food you can’t train efficiently, you can’t reach to your limits and finally, you can’t improve your performance. A balanced and healthy diet will make your race. So although you should always prepare all meals yourself, it’s especially important to do this in the months leading up to the race. This way you know exactly what’s inside and can avoid unhealthy ingredients like sugar, unhealthy fats or artificial additives. Use fresh vegetables and fruits, proteins, healthy fats and good carbohydrates for energy. You should definitely eat something before any long run. Perfect is a high-carb, low-fiber meal three to four hours before your run. If you’re not so sure about nutrition and need some guidance, tips or recipes to support your goal, take a look at the Freeletics Nutrition Coach.

Staying hydrated is also extremely very important for runners. The water you lose through sweating during a run needs to be replaced. Try to avoid soft drinks and energy drinks, as they are usually full of sugar. Water is most refreshing liquid to refill your body with and quench your thirst.


MAX. PRFRMNCE for max. performance

Long distance comes down to comfort. 42km is a loooong way and every step will challenge you, especially once you pass the 30km point. Therefore it’s important you support your body with the right sports gear. Take a look at Freeletics Essentials´ Max. Prfmrnce range, specialized for running. Light, functional and made from micro dry fit material for optimum moisture control. Another important factor is the right footwear. Everyone’s running technique, feet, and training surface is different, therefore it’s important you get your running shoes fitted, especially for your training.


Now, all you have to do is start training and take on the challenge. Take it from us, it will change your life. Start today by downloading the Freeletics App and following these five useful tips. #letsgo