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Why bananas should be celebrated

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Packed with nutrients and health benefits, bananas are the unofficial athletes’ fruit. They give us energy, taste good, and even just the sight of one of these bright guys is enough to leave us feeling happier. Here’s a few reasons why bananas should be celebrated:

  1. They are naturally fat and cholesterol free
  2. Bananas aid digestion
  3. They give you a pre-workout energy boost, followed by a steady release of complex carbs which keep you going
  4. They act as a post-workout muscle replenishment due to their large amount of potassium
  5. Bananas make your bones strong
  6. Live in a hot country? Eating bananas lower the body temperature and keep you cool on a hot day
  7. They provide you with magnesium which boosts your mood and leaves you feeling happy
  8. They’re healthier and cheaper than any sports drink
  9. Bananas control your blood sugar and keep your hunger at bay
  10. With so many nutrients good for your heart, it’s not a surprise bananas prevent heart disease
  11. They satisfy your sweet tooth, without throwing you off track
  12. Bananas strengthen your immune system due to high vitamin C levels
  13. Prevent muscle cramps during workouts and nighttime leg cramps
  14. If you’re looking to lose weight, bananas reduce swelling and aid in weight loss
  15. Eat a banana before an exam and it’s said to make you smarter and more alert
  16. If you’re pregnant, eating bananas reduces nausea from morning sickness
  17. By eating bananas, other nutrients you include in your diet are absorbed much more effectively and put to good use


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