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Gym and bodyweight strength building Training Journeys


Sculpt muscle, stimulate muscle growth and become a stronger version of yourself by selecting one of these Journeys.

Because the male and female bodies are different, we’ve created a male and female version of each Training Journey. Both involve similar exercises and the same training method, they’re just better adapted to your individual physiology to give you your desired results.

Hybrid Strength


The Journey: Are you ready to level up your strength training? Brand new to Freeletics is contrast training (link). Part barbell training, part bodyweight training, this 12 week Training Journey will develop your strength and explosive power and will push your muscles to their limits. Compound lifts like squats, deadlifts and bench presses together with classic Freeletics bodyweight exercises form a marriage made in heaven, if your idea of heaven is a strong, athletic physique. You’ll need access to a barbell and weights for this Journey, as well as a willingness to conquer muscular and anaerobic fatigue.

Barbell Gain/Barbell Tone


The Journey: For a purely muscle-focused Training Journey, look no further than Barbell Gain or Barbell Tone. Over a maximum of 4 sessions a week for 12 weeks, you’ll feel the burn throughout your body as you develop your strength and sculpt and tone your muscles. As the name suggests, you’ll need a barbell and weights to perform compound lifts such as squats, deadlifts and bench presses, which will leave your muscles burning and your body strong.

Weights-Free Gain/Natural Tone


The Journey: Sculpted and toned muscles don’t always require weights and equipment. During these Journeys, you’ll learn technically challenging exercises that’ll test your strength and demand everything you’ve got… and then a bit more. Expect 12 weeks of fatigue-inducing HIIT exercises that will make your muscles burn. Why? Because that’s what it takes to develop a strong and athletic physique. Only dedication and commitment will lead to flawless technique and aesthetic perfection in this Training Journey.

Explosive Strength/Slim & Toned


The Journey: Want to run faster, get stronger and reduce your body fat? Technical strength challenges meet cardiovascular workouts in this Training Journey, which could be right up your street. Challenge your strength whilst developing your explosive power and muscular endurance over 12 weeks, as you develop lean and powerful muscles. No equipment is necessary, just a readiness to grit your teeth and a commitment to getting a toned, strong physique.

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