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Making the most of short workouts


It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, time gets the better of you and you just don’t have time to do the workout you were planning to do. But don’t worry - when done correctly, even the shortest workouts can be highly effective. Just follow these steps...

Plan your workout

It’s what we all want: more time training, less time thinking. Planning your workout in advance, no matter how short means that when it comes to hitting your training mat, you know exactly what you’re doing and won’t waste time planning as you go. Think about the equipment and clothing you might need and, if you’re really short on time, use Adapt Today for a 15 minute workout, that way you know exactly how long you need.

Define a strategy

What do you want to achieve in your workout? What are your goals? Want to beat your Typhon PB? Or want to practice your Pushup technique? Whatever your training goal, it’s important to set a purpose for each session - this will define how fast you perform the exercises, how much you focus on technique and even how much you do.

Warmup properly, especially if the workout is intense

When it comes to short workouts, there’s nothing worse than starting out cold. Even if you’re only going to be training for 10 minutes, it’s still important that your muscles are ready to go. Not doing so could lead to injury and increases the risk of muscle stiffness. A good warmup should…

  • Increase body and core temperature

  • Mobilize the joints and range of motion

  • Focus on the muscles that will be trained in the workout

Go all out

Put simply, if your workout is short, you don’t need to pace yourself. Going all out for a short amount of time can provide just as many benefits as a longer, steadier workout.

Looking for a Freeletics God workout to satisfy your high intensity cravings? Try one of the following:

Morpheus: With an average time of 6 minutes and 13 seconds it’s one of the fastest bodyweight workouts you can do. But don’t underestimate it, Jumping Jacks are the cardio exercise to get your heart rate going.

Athena: Mixing Climbers, Situps and Squats in one workout trains your legs and abs at the same time. Focus on the right execution to make every single second of this super quick workout make a difference.

Nemesis: Situps and Climbers only? Sounds easy right? Don’t be fooled. After the first round you’ll already feel it in your abs. Quick and effective.

Cool down

If you’ve gone all out in training, it’s even more important that you cool down properly. A good cooldown should involve static and dynamic stretches. Ideally, do not stop abruptly after your workout. It is better to do an “active” recovery, i.e. keep walking or having any sort of very gentle cardio.

Let’s recap:

There’s no excuse for not working out. And there’s no excuse for not making every workout count, no matter how short.