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Limitations – When and why to choose them

Limitations Cut

Have you worked your lower legs too much lately? Suffering from severe soreness and want to give certain muscle groups a break in your next Coach week? Then you’ll find your Coach’s limitations function useful.

Before setting limitations, make sure you’re interpreting your body’s signals correctly. Read on to learn about what your body is telling you and about how to use the Limitations-function.

“Delayed onset muscle soreness” and the Limitations function

Many Free Athletes don’t know when they should indicate limitations for their next Coach week. The Limitations function should only be used in cases of “delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS) never in cases when there’s a chance of muscle strain, joint pain or any other injury.

DOMS isn’t pain. It’s the soreness and stiffness you feel in your muscles after a hard session. Normally this only lasts for 24-48 hours. But in some cases it can last longer. If you feel that some muscle groups really need a break, set your limitations accordingly. Please note that whenever you choose one or several limitations, the Coach will generate a training plan that will put less strain than normal on the selected muscle group(s). Keep in mind, however, that this does not mean the respective muscles will not be stimulated at all. Your Coach may not completely exclude them from workouts, just work them less.

When not to use the Limitations function

If you think you’re suffering from a severe injury or strain and not DOMS, don’t set limitations. Instead, take a break from training and visit your doctor. The Limitations function is not designed to help injured athletes continue their training. This would not only be dangerous but also irresponsible. Health and safety should always be your number one priority, so if you suspect something more severe than DOMS, pause your training until you (and/or your doctor) are sure your body is fit enough to continue.

How to choose your limitations when you need them

If you want to set limitations, just click on “Finish Week” in your Coach section and choose from the following limitations: biceps, back, triceps, chest, core, lower leg, or upper leg. You can pick up to two limitations. If you try to set more than two limitations, your Coach cannot create a new week for you. In these cases, better to rest a day or two and come back to training when you’ve recovered fully. And bear in mind: The more limitations you choose, the less diversified your training plan may become.

Let’s recap – 3 things to remember:

  1. The limitations function is exclusively designed to reduce strain on muscle groups that suffer from DOMS
  2. In cases of strain, joint pain or any injury, don’t use the limitations function, but instead see a doctor and take a break from training
  3. Whenever you set limitations, keep in mind this might have an impact on training variety