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“I just really enjoy working out now” – Janine’s story


Janine had always been active, but without a training plan, she wasn’t getting the fitness results she truly wanted. When she signed up for the Freeletics bootcamp, everything changed; she threw herself into the personalized training and nutrition plan to work towards her muscle-building goal, and results inevitably followed.

“I work for a start-up in the operations team revolutionizing the used bike market. I live with my small dog and boyfriend near the heart of Munich, near Freeletics HQ.

I’ve always been active, trying every sport out there like soccer, horse riding, swimming, running, CrossFit, and yoga. I also went to the gym, but never with a plan so I always did what I felt like. That meant I never really pushed myself or progressed in my fitness journey.

Getting back on track

I saw the ad for the Freeletics bootcamp on LinkedIn. I wanted to see what was possible to achieve in four months and to get back on track with my fitness journey as I struggled after the move back to Munich and some life challenges. I chose the Dumbbell Training Journey to gain muscle and become stronger.

The team spirit at the bootcamp motivated me to join the group training, even though I wasn’t a morning person initially. Everyone was supportive and cheered each other on, both during the workouts and afterward. Progress was always celebrated together, and it was amazing to see what other athletes achieved.

There were days when I was tired and didn’t want to leave the couch. But every time I pushed through, I felt 100 times better after training.

Training even on busy days

Now, I feel the best I have in a very long time. I am very balanced and happy. I look like a strong woman now that you don’t want to mess with, and I like that. I’m proud of my achievement, but I’m definitely not done yet. There is still a lot to learn and more weights to be lifted.

Not much is going to change after the bootcamp. Training has become part of my routine, like cooking or walking the dog. I miss it if I don’t train. Even on busy days, I prioritize working out and always squeeze in a quick session.

I used to either eat too little or too much. Now I know exactly how much food I need to thrive. I stick to the diet plan, maybe squeeze in the occasional cheat day, and I will keep training 4-5 times a week.

From not enough, to having a good time

Starting out, I felt like I wasn’t enough: not fit enough, not muscular enough, not skinny enough. And now, I just focus on getting stronger and improving my technique. It is less about exercising to look a certain way and more about working out to feel good and become stronger and have a good time.

Exercising doesn’t feel like a punishment anymore. I don’t stare at the watch and hope it will end soon. Even though it is hard sometimes, I just really enjoy working out now.

My advice: find your purpose

Find out what truly motivates you and stop focusing on your looks as much. My motivation was to get stronger. I think when you truly enjoy what you do, and there is some real purpose in it for you, you will reach your physical goals alongside your training and be able to stick to them.”

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