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Slow down to speed up: An introduction to interval workouts

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Interval training is a key part of the Freeletics training system. If you’ve already come across the new workouts in your app, you will have also noticed they are a little different to the God workouts. Ok…very different. However, as opposite as they may seem, the two training systems – HIIT and interval workouts – complement each other well and are equally effective. Combined they will help you progress even more efficiently, learn movements faster and add variety to your training. Here’s everything you need to know about the interval workouts.

First things first: What are interval workouts?

There is one major difference between interval workouts and the original God workouts: There is no timer in an interval. This means you can’t get a PB for an interval workout.

Instead, intervals are to be performed at a specific pace: Slow, moderate, fast, maximum. It’s very important to keep to the pace as instructed by the coach, because every interval is designed to reach a certain goal specifically with the pace in mind. Sometimes it’s important to go all out and sometimes you have to slow down to improve your movement quality for situps, jumps or pullups etc. You’ll find that slower exercises are focused on technique and strength, required in order to perform better at the Gods workouts. The same applies for the breaks in an interval. If the coach tells you to rest, we highly advise to do so for the indicated time, even if you’re not fully exhausted. There is a reason behind every break. #Coachknows.

In Freeletics Bodyweight, there are three kinds of interval trainings: Endurance, Conditioning and Strength. They all have a specific purpose and very specialized benefit for you. Unlike the Gods – which are standardized for each user – your Coach individually builds each interval training for you, with specially selected exercises and a designated pace. This means for example, your strength interval for one session will not necessarily be the same as another’s. One training consists of a number of equal rounds. Between the rounds there are short breaks to breathe and recover. One round itself contains one to six exercises, all tailored to you.

Let’s recap

Intervals are the new training system to complement the original Freeletics God workouts. Each one is 100% tailored to you, and built individually by your Coach. Unlike the God workouts, there is no timer or PB. Instead your Coach will specify the pace at which you should perform the interval. And make no mistake: sometimes it can be even harder to perform the exercises at a slow pace. This form of training is focused on technique and strength, required to perform better at the God workout. Got it? Then let’s get to work.