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How to prepare for Hell Week

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Hell Week is a part of every Free Athlete’s journey. 7 days of training in a row. Just to really see what you’ve got. While there isn’t a way to make your Hell Week easier, there are ways to make sure you’ll come out the other end, perform your best and exceed all expectations. Is that what you’re aiming for? Then make sure you’re prepared.

Plan your week around it

Mark your Hell Week in red capital letters on your calendar. You know what time of day you perform at your best. So reserve it for training. Then, plan everything else around it. Dedicate your whole last day to Hell Week. Expect to be exhausted. But with a clear mind, expect to triumph.

Get the right equipment

Fail to prepare is preparing to fail. Ensure you have exactly what you need for the whole week. Enough sports clothing. A good training mat. Comfortable footwear. Waterproofs. There are no excuses. And even if it rains, you still train.

Make your reward worth it

Before you start your Hell Week, set yourself a reward. One you’ll receive as soon as it’s over. A trip. That new pair of running shoes you’ve been looking at. Dinner in your favorite restaurant. Anything to keep your mind off the pain. And focused on the finish line.

Don’t be afraid

The worst thing that you can do is to be afraid. Don’t fear failure. Hell week isn’t there to make you fail and give up. It’s there to make you stronger. Better. Faster. Look forward to it. Tell yourself that you can do it everyday. Because you sure as hell can. Imagine how you will feel after. The only thing you should be afraid of is just what you’re about to accomplish.

Recruit a friend or fellow athlete

They don’t have to join in. Just be there to support you. When you reach day 6, every last bit of motivation will count. Someone to cheer you on for the last round. Count down the final 10 reps. It’ so much more motivating than going it alone.

Let's recap:

It’s true what they say “Sometimes you have to go through hell to get to Heaven”. Ready or not, Hell Week is waiting for you. And when it comes, there’s one thing that’s for sure: you’ll wish you had prepared.