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Getting started with Freeletics

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We were all new once. Decided to take on the challenge of becoming the greatest version of yourself, but not sure how to start? Worry not, here is our idiot-proof guide to using (and succeeding with) Freeletics.

Setting up your Coach

The first thing you need to do to begin your Freeletics adventure is to tell your Coach everything it needs to know. On logging in, you’ll be asked for details including gender, age, fitness level and fitness goals, all of which are required to help the Coach select the Training Journeys that will be best for you (more on those later!).

Choosing a Training Journey

Once you’ve set up your Coach with your personal details and training goals, it will generate a selection of Training Journeys it thinks are right for you; one of these will be your Coach Recommendation, aka, your closest match. A Training Journey is what you follow when you train with Freeletics. Each Journey is designed to help you reach a specific goal, and includes workouts and exercises that are tailored to you and continuously adapt to your progress. The aim of a Training Journey is to provide a holistic, guided and personalized experience, so that each user, no matter their goal, capabilities or interests, can find a method that suits them. While we might offer one Training Journey package to all athletes with the same goal, each athlete’s journey itself will be unique, and no two sets of exercises and workouts will be the same. The best thing about this is that, although we encourage you to try out different Journeys to add variety to your training, you can always go back and do the same Training Journey multiple times and still see and feel effects since the Coach continues to adjust the experience to your current capabilities.


Your training schedule

Almost all Training Journeys follow a 6-12 week cycle which includes an assessment week, training weeks and a Hell Week. During the assessment week, the Coach gets to know you. By closely monitoring your performance at the beginning, your Coach will get a clear understanding of your fitness level, strengths and weaknesses, ensuring you start at a point that’s 100% right for you. For bodyweight-only Training Journeys, the following training weeks will include a mixture of technique training, individualized intervals and high intensity God workouts. If you select a Training Journey involving weights, the cycle will differ depending on the training method.

Each session in your training week includes a warmup and a cooldown and gives you the chance to provide feedback. For most of you, Hell Week will be your challenge. Think of it as the competition you’ve been training for. It will test your progress by giving you 7 days of training that only include the God workouts.

At the start of each training week, you will also be able to tell your Coach if you have any limitations - such as equipment, space to run or injuries - which could affect the exercises it chooses for you.

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What will you need?

The best part about Freeletics is that there isn’t a set outline of what equipment or clothing you need. The gear you use is entirely up to you according to what you have access to. For example, you’ll only ever need a barbell and weights if you decide to choose one of the weights Training Journeys - you’ll never be surprised by a sudden need for equipment, your Coach will always inform you in advance if any equipment is needed, and allow you to either accept or modify your training accordingly.

The same goes for clothing. Want to train outside? You might need extra warm clothing, sunscreen or a light. But it’s up to you; your Coach will never tell you that you have to train in a certain place - you determine what and where works best for you.

And that’s all there is to it. Start your Freeletics odyssey today and download the app now.