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5 reasons to get fit this fall


Cold temperatures and dark days tempt you to stay at home and the classic fall comfort food acts as the perfect complement to your weekend couch mood. But that stops now. Because fall is actually one of the best seasons to get fit. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why.

Fight the winter flu

Prone to catching the dreaded winter cold? Is this usually your excuse not to train when it gets cold? Then you may have been doing it all wrong. Exercising in cooler temperatures is said to actually strengthen your immune system and decrease your chances of suffering from a cold when winter comes around. The cells in your immune system will appreciate your efforts and fight off all bacteria. So wrap up warm and get out there.

Discover the beauty of autumn

Autumn can be cold, but also incredibly beautiful. There are days where the outdoors will beg for you to be there! Don’t waste these days on the couch. One of the best ways to enjoy the bright side of autumn is to go for a run. Enjoy crisp, quiet mornings in your nearest park and get your day off to an amazing start. Getting up early might be tough, but no one ever regretted an energizing morning workout.

Resist fall comfort food

Heavy stews, pumpkin pie, hot chocolate…there are so many unhealthy temptations at this time of year. Give in now and take our word for it, you’ll regret it come New Year. However, if you stay active this season, your body will naturally crave healthy food to support your training. Resist excuses. Resits temptation. Await results.

Make use of an empty schedule

Had a busy summer and no time to work out? Then this is one less excuse you can use. Vacation time is over and your calendar is waiting for some workout records. Take the chance, switch off the TV and stop searching for other excuses: this is your time. Use it wisely.

Get a head start on New Year’s resolutions

Studies show that it takes about four weeks for the body to adapt to lifestyle changes. If you start your workout routine now, you’ll not only be one step ahead of your New Year’s resolutions but also more likely to meet them. By the time others start thinking about their goals, you’ll already be full force on the right track. Summer bodies are made now.

Fall workouts are awesome. The results even better. So stop searching for excuses and let’s go.

Try this short and intense workout to get fit.