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From PDFs to Europe’s #1 Fitness App: We are Freeletics


Innovation and Reinvention...Then, Now, and Always

When people relied on DVD workouts and personal trainers, we innovated a training plan that could go with you anywhere - humble but effective PDF files that you could take with you to the gym, the privacy of your home, and out into nature.

When people relied on YouTube videos to learn how to train, we created not just one fitness app, but three.

And when throngs of imitators crowded the app store lists, we created a highly advanced digital coach to provide you a personalized, AI-crafted plan to help everyone achieve their unique fitness goals.

At Freeletics, we never settle. From our very first day until now, innovation has been in our DNA. It took us from that famed PDF to an extraordinary app, an amazing community, and an internationally successful brand.

But we’re not stopping there. We’re still envisioning what a brighter, more active world might look like, and that means we’re ready to launch the next big thing in the fitness industry. Read on to see where we’ve made our mark, and where we’re going next.

Our PDF Roots // 2013

The story opens on our very first product: a training plan PDF (yes, you read that right). Built on the idea that with consistent training, dedication, and hard work you could become the greatest version of yourself - both physically and mentally - these simple yet powerful plans were the catalyst of our fitness revolution. Work out anytime, anywhere – no excuses.

By selling PDF plans online, the very small Freeletics team was able to hire its first engineer and launch the Freeletics Bodyweight app for Android and iOS in 2013. In a mere nine months, the company saw significant growth as hundreds of thousands of community transformations lit up YouTube and other social media sites. These stories snowballed and inspired people all over the world to train without barriers and get in the shape of their life.

After the first year with the app, our worldwide community grew to one million users strong, a milestone that would help set the pace for the next seven years to come.

Releasing Three New Apps // 2014–2016

With the then “Freeletics Bodyweight” app giving people a way to train without limitations through bodyweight-only workouts, we realized that we wanted to offer even more modalities to not only train but also eat healthily. For this reason, Freeletics Running and Gym were launched in 2015 and Freeletics Nutrition in 2016. Although today, all fitness apps are combined into one, these early developments moved us even closer to achieving our vision of living a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

Empowering the Community // 2017

Over the next few years, growth was our currency. Although still a fully bootstrapped company, we were able to hire more people from all over the world and by the end of 2017 saw a thriving community of 20 million users. Eager to engage our members online and offline, at this time we also opened up an official Freeletics Training Ground in Berlin, Germany. Free Athletes traveled from near and far to attend this event, posing for photos, offering up ClapClaps, and of course, breaking a sweat together, Freeletics style. At this point in time, it became increasingly clear that investing in the community was of the utmost importance. It also gave us the fuel to break into new markets and helped us make the decision to translate the app into 10 different languages so that even more people could train with us.

Transforming our Tech // 2018

Inspired by our passionate Freeletics family, in 2017 we released our very first artificial intelligence update enabling our app to be even more cutting-edge and personal than ever before. Freeletics 4.0 not only brought scores of new exercises to the already impressive app library but also laid the foundation for a digital, AI-powered Coach and specialized Training Journeys in 2018. No matter your goal or fitness level, the Coach learned from your feedback and adjusted your plan to near perfection. From journeys like Balanced Fat Burn to Hybrid Running to Fit for Life, we truly had something for everyone. And it’s no secret that today they have only gotten better and more diverse. Lookin’ at you, Dumbbell Gain & Tone.

And that wasn’t all...

Adapting your Day // 2019

At the end of 2018, we were able to secure a massive funding round which would enable us to invest in new year projects like our Adapt Today feature (currently known as Adapt Session). This ingenious feature would allow for each user to edit their training day based on their individual needs. Want to have a quiet workout without equipment in your small New York apartment that won't disturb the neighbors? No problem. Only have 15 minutes? Fine. Want to run or lift weights instead? Absolutely. This favorite feature became a real crowd pleaser and it truly helped us live our #noexcuses brand value on a deeper level.

The Making of Mindset // 2020

Since the beginning of Freeletics our vision was always about making people into the greatest versions of themselves, not just physically but also mentally. Although we had the training down pat, we knew the mental aspect of Freeletics could use a little attention. Enter Freeletics Mindset. Launched in early January, Mindset allowed us to offer our users the training they needed to sleep better, develop healthier habits, cope with stress, and in general, just be a better athlete. In the beginning, we launched a handful of audio sessions and today there are over 100 episodes. This paired with an upgraded AI algorithm, allowing daily training plans with the new Today View feature and helping us move even closer towards our company mission.

And although no one could foresee it, these app developments would go on to support over 50 million users to cope with the challenges of a global pandemic. During this time, we were overwhelmed as we saw our communities coming together to work out online and encourage one another. This sense of family is what fueled us internally to continue powering the best fitness app on the market.

Owning Today, Shaping Tomorrow // 2021

2021 for Freeletics is all about looking ahead and imaging the future possibilities, together. That’s why our New Year's campaign, Own Today, not only featured real Free Athletes and ambassadors but also centered around taking charge of the now for a brighter tomorrow. Several months later we took this concept one step further. With our Never Settle Campaign, all about dedication and growth, we were able to inspire innovative new features like our on-demand, time based workouts, mobility exercises and over 75 dumbbell and kettlebell based exercises and accompanying Training Journeys.

Freeletics STÆDIUM // 2021 and Beyond

Today, with a portfolio of over 300 bodyweight and equipment based exercises and an almost infinite possibility of workout combinations, the Freeletics app helps people to stay consistent, put in the work, and do it again and again and again. And while these accomplishments are no small feat, we must continue to innovate. We must keep moving.

We are excited to say that something new is coming. Something that will make you rethink what it means to work out and live a fit lifestyle.

Rest assured that we will still be diligently developing our Freeletics app but this year we will move even further towards our mission of challenging and inspiring everyone to become their best version. The end of this year marks the beginning of a strength gaming revolution. It’s the start of our brand new product, STÆDIUM.

We remain confident that Freeletics will continue to offer our amazing community the very best ways to reach their individual goals, no matter how they want to achieve them. We know there are some incredible times ahead. More on that very soon.

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