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NEW: Freeletics Mindset


Strength is more than physical. The stronger your mind, the more achievable your goals. Research shows that combining body and mind training is vital for optimum all-round athletic performance. Which is why we’re proud to announce the launch of Freeletics Mindset, the latest edition to your Freeletics app experience.

In short

This is Freeletics, but not as you know it. The new Mindset Coach helps you to build a balanced, goal-oriented mindset and maintain the motivation to improve your overall health with specially-designed audio coaching sessions.

What’s the big deal?

Built on leading scientific research and developed by Freeletics experts, the Mindset Coach will work alongside the new Today View layout to guarantee that your body and mind training is more comprehensive and complete than ever before.

Learn how to build a routine, cope with setbacks, manage stress and improve your focus, recovery and sleep. Start creating powerful habits, unleash your potential and finally become the best version of yourself. The science says it all: training your mind will help you on your journey, whatever your destination.

The audio courses within Freeletics Mindset have been carefully crafted to guide you to improve mindfulness techniques and develop new mental and physical training skills. Lasting between five and 20 minutes, consider them a central part of your training. After all, a strong mind makes for a strong body.

In detail

When you subscribe to the Mindset Coach alongside your Training Coach, you’re committing to truly getting the most out of your training.

The Mindset Coach opens the door to an extensive library of audio coaching sessions and courses designed to support your training, optimize your lifestyle and help you to develop the skills needed to live a healthier life. Alongside the new Today View, your Training Journey will now include Mindset sessions selected to complement your training and get you to your goals faster.

Even if it’s not in your training day, with the Mindset Coach, you can still browse through and complete audio sessions through the Explore tab in your app. With sessions and courses covering topics as far afield as guiding running and sleep, and de-stressing and box breathing, and with more being added every week, Freeletics is now your go-to destination for comprehensive mental training.

Note that, for now, courses are only available in English, but watch this space!

If you’re still not convinced and want to “try before you buy”, non-Mindset users (those using the Training or Training & Nutrition Coaches) will also have access to a limited number of recommended audio sessions.

Ready to start?

Now’s the time to take your training to the next level. Get the Mindset Coach now and discover what it truly means to start the journey to becoming your greatest version.

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